Expanding Your Facility

You already know Lee Contracting for our turn-key services, but did you know that we can expand your facility to make room for new equipment? While industrial production is booming, halting production is not an option for most facilities. Lee Contracting is your contractor of choice to increase your facility size while decreasing downtime. With our team of highly experienced tradesmen and our unique methods, we can shorten the project time frame as well as work around ongoing plant processes.

Roof Raising

As warehouseExpanding Your Facilitys and automotive plants grow, roof raising services are in high demand. Raising your roof helps avoid purchasing additional property or relocating your facility. Roof raising is a process which allows vertical growth to make space for equipment and storage. We can raise portions of a roof or an entire facility’s roof all while working around your ongoing plant production.



Expanding Your Facility

Not only can we raise your roof, we can also expand your facility. If you are thinking of expanding your building, we can provide design/build services for your office renovations, facility expansions or complete building construction. Our teams work together and we provide a dedicated project manager responsible for coordinating all trades on site. Our skilled in-house trades provide a one-stop-shop and a superior product that suits your specific needs.


If you are planning a building expansion, we can also provide short and long-term storage capabilities. Our 300,000+ square foot facility is safe, secure, climate controlled and can accommodate various sizes.

With our turn-key services and dedication to quality, we can complete all your industrial projects. Find out more about our roof raising, building and storage services on our website.

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Growing our Capabilities-Storage

Lee Contracting aims to be a single-source contractor for our customers. We already offer our customers the best in rigging, electrical, mechanical, foundations, fabrication, and maintenance & repair services. Now we’re offering the best in industrial storage capabilities.


In the past, we’ve offered our customers limited storage space for their assets. Industrial StorageHowever, with the purchase of Pontiac Central High School on West Huron Road, we can now offer over 300,000 square feet of safe and secure storage space.


Our expanded space allows us to store your assets.  We can accommodate any type, size or shape of equipment including:

  • Press components
  • Robots
  • Molds and dies
  • Conveyor systems
  • Automation components
  • Spare parts
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Recalled parts

We offer off-loading and loading capabilities along with transportation of your items to our storage facility.


In addition to storage, customers can take advantage of our facility space for:

Industrial Storage

  • Sample System Demonstrations
  • Light production of spare parts
  • Satellite Office Space


Whether you are looking for short or long-term storage of heavy or light industrial items, Lee can provide you with a complete industrial storage solution.


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