Geared Up to Go There

At Lee Industrial Contracting, we pride ourselves on being fully equipped to handle every need of your project, thanks to our extensive collection of equipment. Unlike many other contractors, we’ve invested in our own state-of-the-art machinery, which means you won’t have to worry about costly equipment rentals or delays. Our commitment to owning and maintaining top-of-the-line machinery sets us apart and ensures seamless execution from start to finish.

Explore our diverse fleet of cutting-edge equipment, meticulously maintained by our expert team, and discover the advantages of partnering with a contractor that prioritizes efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. From heavy-duty industrial equipment to specialized tools, we’ve got you covered.

With Lee Industrial Contracting, you know your project will benefit from the latest technological advancements, operated by skilled professionals who are dedicated to executing quality work. We take pride in delivering exceptional results, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations at every turn.


  • (101) One-ton field utility vans
  • (167) pickup trucks ranging from ½-ton to 1-ton
  • (27) Medium and heavy service trucks
  • (34) Semi trucks
  • (124) Trailers ranging from light utility to 300-ton TSI


  • (93) Lee houses a large range of fork truck models for various types of job applications, ranging anywhere from 3,000 to 200,000 pounds.


  • (90) Our in-house aerial lift department utilizes a range of models from a 12-foot single person indoor telescoping lift, to a 40-foot rough terrain tier five clean diesel scissor lift, all the way up to an 85-foot rough terrain telescoping duel fuel boom lift. Because we manage all logistics in-house, we can utilize our equipment to give us the ability to respond quickly.


  • (2) 400T systems
  • (3) 600T systems
  • (1) 500T automated system
  • (1) 800T system
  • Ability to synchronize 1,200 ton systems


  • (8) Excavators ranging from a John Deere 35G to John Deere 245G
  • (10) Skid steers ranging from a John Deere 320G to John Deere 333G
  • (1) John Deere 644K loader
  • (1) John Deere 550K Crawler Dozer
  • (1) John Deere 310SL
  • (1) Caterpillar TL1255


  • Broderson IC-80, capacity on outriggers is 18,000 pounds
  • Broderson IC-200, capacity on outriggers is 30,000 pounds
  • Broderson IC-400, capacity on outriggers is 50,000 pounds
  • Ormig 60TM, with a capacity of 67 tons
  • Lifts-systems mobile lifter, with a capacity of 75 tons
  • Terex RT 670, with a capacity of 70 tons
  • Grove GMK5250L, with a capacity of 300 tons


  • (1) Remote controlled Goldhofer transport module with a 1 million pound capacity
  • (6) 250-ton power steer die carts


  • (1) 800KW generator
  • (2) 500KW generator
  • (2) 70KW generators

Put the Power of One to work on your next project.