Floor Slab Replacement

Floor Slab Replacement

From newly constructed factories to localized renovations, receive the quality concrete and high-performance services you need for your injection mold machine foundations. Discover how Lee Industrial Contracting provides industry-leading concrete work and other services to help your factory succeed. Cut costs, improve services and keep your business operational with high-quality foundation work.


A firm foundation starts with the concrete. You need the latest in concrete design and supreme quality control to enjoy a long-lasting foundation for all your industrial equipment. In order to keep your injection mold machine operating efficiently, you need a reliable foundation. Your standard concrete floor may not have the necessary thickness and reinforcement necessary for the extreme weight of your injection mold machine.

Our turn-key foundation services provide you with the following skills and steps necessary to achieve a full foundation installation or repair. These are general steps for creating an industrial foundation, but the exact process is highly personalized for your particular business needs:

  • Engineering and designing
  • Earth retention
  • Resteel work
  • Form installment
  • Concrete purchasing and placement
  • Finish application and quality assurance

From blueprints to a finished product, choose a service provider who helps you save time and money. Focus on your high-volume manufacturing and other essential equipment as we lay the groundwork necessary to keep your injection mold machine functioning at peak performance.

Our skilled engineers will determine the load of your machinery and design a foundation that provides the stability and reliability you need. We provide all the necessary analysis, designs, equipment and knowledge necessary to create a new foundation with minimal disruption to your plant.


Whether you need a quick repair or complete removal and replacement of your equipment foundation, our team has the skills and experience needed. Our commitment to excellent industrial foundation services has stood the test of time. Since 1999 we’ve been providing innovative foundation services as part of our industrial service offerings.

Our streamlined services include a full review of the project schedule and equipment footprint. We’ll work with you to ensure that there’s minimal obstruction of your day-to-day operations. A machine without a foundation can’t be fully operational, so we’ll work with your schedule to offer dependable concrete services that meet your deadlines and keep your equipment operating.

Part of that commitment is our exclusive excavation techniques. This trade secret allows us to dig 60-foot pits without disrupting nearby structures. We use our own equipment in order to lower costs and provide prompt, flexible, turn-key solutions.


Minor impurities in concrete, construction and designs can cause concrete foundations to crack. The weight of your injection mold machine requires precise foundation design and installation in order to remain safe. At Lee Industrial Contracting, we pride ourselves in offering industry-leading services that meet or exceed your needs.

We install precision foundations on a precise timeline with controlled costs. Let our account managers work with you to determine a budget, accurate timeline and discuss any possible operational impact. We’ll work with you to keep your foundation within a strict budget and timeline to avoid additional fees or lost production time.

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