Injection Mold Machine Foundations

Injection Mold Machine Foundations

At Lee, we employ expert engineers, use high-quality materials and offer state-of-the-art equipment to provide reliable foundations for your milling equipment.


It all starts with our commitment to safety. Our team of experts design and inspect your project with safety an accuracy in mind. Whether you’re looking for renovation services, a new foundation pour or repair services for your existing foundation, our team is committed to installed the perfect foundation for your equipment needs.

Need to keep your plant running while we do the work? No problem. Our team is experienced at renovated foundations in running plants with minimal disruption.


Quality foundations require quality materials. The materials we use, for any job, must pass our rigorous standards.

As your facility grow, your existing foundation may not support larger equipment. Lee is able to assist in renovating your current foundation, or laying a new foundation to accommodate your heavy-duty machinery.


Our teams know the exact equipment to use for any job. From safely securing the work area to the final steps of the foundation work, our equipment allows us to effectively create the perfect solution for your project.


No two facilities are the same. Our team will tailor your project to meet your exact needs. Below are just a few example of what we offer:

  • Initial Inspection and Engineering
  • Earth Retention
  • Resteel Work and Form Installation
  • Quality assurance inspection and review

Put the Power of One to work on your next project.