Industrial Production Line Installation

Removal of 350,000 SF of trailer production equipment and installation of a new, fully automated production line.


Wabash, a world-class manufacturer of advanced engineered solutions and services for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries, was searching for a contracting partner to remove 350,000 SF of trailer production equipment to make room for a new, fully automated production line. The project also included concrete flatwork removal and replacement with flat tolerances able to support automated guided vehicles (AGVs). As part of the job, Wabash needed the facility to be renovated, which included wall removal, truck dock installations, utility and structural steel modifications. Once the renovations were complete, Lee Contracting installed new automated equipment lines.


Lee Contracting worked very closely with the customer on the planning of this project. Resources were dispatched according to the plan which was an around-the-clock operation with over 100 people at the site. With our internal projects management, our trades people, and our safety team the project was completed safely and on time.

Lee Contracting worked closely with our concrete suppliers to make sure that there were no shortages for this project by securing orders early during the planning stages and the issue was flagged as a possible risk.