Choosing a Rigging Contractor

When you are planning to expand or grow your industrial facility rigging is a very important part of the process. You need to trust the team in which you are entrusting your largest and most expensive assets. This team needs to understand several key aspects of the job before the heavy lifting even begins.


Rigging can Dangerous

Rigging can Rigging Contractorbe quite a dangerous task. Lifting and moving thousands of pounds is a specialized job that requires extensive knowledge and planning. Understanding the scope of the project and the safety concerns are of utmost importance. The riggers you hire should be backed up by years of experience and be willing and able to provide you with references. Their knowledge will help to keep everyone and everything safe throughout the project.


Experienced Personnel

Before your project kicks off, your contractor should be able to meet all your needs for the project. Everyone including the account manager, project manager, estimator, and riggers should have the technology and experience to help the job run smoothly. They should make you feel comfortable about the job from the onset.



Moving heavy equipment should not be taken lightly. Your rigging contractor should have insurance to protect the equipment while they are handling it. While everyone works to prevent accidents and damage, incidents do happen.



Rigging ContractorYour rigging contractor should have an extensive fleet of equipment they use to complete a project. Some of their equipment will include forklifts, gantries, die carts and a mobile crane. All of this will help to make completing your project easier. If you are moving equipment over the roadway, you should check out their fleet of trucks to ensure they have trucks that can support the transportation of your machinery.


When it comes to choosing a rigging contractor for your next equipment move you should make sure they fulfill all your needs. Turn to Lee Contracting for your next project and we will not disappoint. Our in-house equipment and over 25 years’ experience will leave you feeling confident in our ability to meet your timelines and budget. Request a quote today, or call us to learn more 888.833.8776.