Essential Rigging Equipment and Their Capabilities

When it comes to moving heavy and expensive manufacturing equipment you want to be sure that the rigging equipment being used is able to handle the weight of your machine. Our rigging department has state-of-the-art equipment to move or install your machines.

Rigging EquipmentFirst up is our TriLifter. The TriLifter is a pick and carry machine which is used to move heavy loads in confined spaces. Our TriLifter will handle loads up to 200,000 pounds. We also use it in conjunction with other rigging equipment to rotate machinery.

Rigging EquipmentWe have several Broderson carry deck cranes in our fleet. They can handle a load up to 50,000 pounds. The boom on these cranes can move in a 360-degree rotation. These are extremely versatile and can maneuver in tight spaces.

Rigging EquipmentGantries are another very important and frequently used piece of equipment. We have several gantry systems that have a capacity starting at 400 tons all the way up to 1,200 tons. These have several different applications from setting a machine, to placing the crown on a press to assisting with raising a roof.

Our fleetRigging Equipment also has 6 power steer die carts.
These can be loaded with your equipment and then towed with one of our forklifts through your plant to its new location or out to our trucks to be loaded and transported to its new home.

Rigging Equipment

Our self-propelled Goldhofer transport module can handle anything you throw on it. It has a capacity of 1 million pounds and can move front, back, sideways, over rough terrain and in circles.

Our Ormig craneRigging Equipment is a wonder. It has a pick and carry capacity
of 134,000 pounds and can overcome any rigging situation that is outside the norm. Here you can see it working with our trilifter to pick up a 150,000-pound tank.

Rigging EquipmentWe have an extensive fleet of forklifts. Some are relatively small with a 3,000-pound capacity. Our largest one has a 160,000-pound capacity. They are used for loading and unloading equipment and relocating machinery.

Whether you’re looking to relocate a small machine or install a brand new press, we have the equipment it takes to get the job done. We can move the smallest piece of equipment or something that weighs 1 million pounds. With our extensive fleet, you never need to worry if we are equipped for your next job.