Everyday Excellence at Lee

Curious about what sets Lee Contracting apart from the rest? There’s one word our team lives and breathes on a daily basis: Excellence. For some, it may be a term marketers use, but at Lee Contracting, it’s in our DNA. Let’s have a look at some of the ways we exemplify excellence, whether in the office or on the job site.

The Power of One

What is the “Power of One?” It’s all the benefits our customers and our team get from working with a single source that provides a complete range of industrial contracting services. Instead of having to go to multiple contractors for individual services, Lee Contracting delivers them all in-house with our highly specialized experts, and never uses subcontractors.

No other industrial contracting company in the Midwest can say the same.


How does the Power of One benefit you? The answer lies in our unique ability to deliver truly turnkey services.

First, you only have to work with one contact, which makes your life far less complicated than when dealing with multiple vendors. Beyond streamlined project coordination, communication is also turnkey. Have you ever worked with several different vendors and felt like the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing? Leveraging the Power of One, our team communicates seamlessly to make sure every project runs smoothly. It also helps streamline scheduling, since we know exactly what our teams are working on at all times, and don’t have to juggle timetables with other vendors.

All this leads to faster turnaround times, greater cost efficiency and fewer hiccups along the way.


As a 100 percent employee-owned business, Lee Contracting has a leg up when it comes to excellence in industrial contracting services. Since our employees have a stake in the company, they have a vested interest in delivering excellence with every project. When the business succeeds, they succeed. Ownership also imparts a feeling of pride in a job well done. Our team isn’t just performing a job – they are actively contributing to the success and reputation of the company they own.


Because our employees are also owners, we are highly selective about who we invite to join our team. We look not just at technical industrial contracting skills, but also for intrinsic qualities like enthusiasm, dedication and a willingness to learn and grow. Here at Lee Contracting, we cross-train employees so crew members are adept in multiple specialties, which not only balances the load but gives team members a chance to experience many different aspects of industrial contracting.

We make sure our team members are thoroughly trained and have the appropriate certifications needed for their respective trades. In addition, we promote from within, rewarding excellence with new, exciting opportunities.


A top-tier team needs top-tier equipment to perform with excellence. With every piece of equipment owned in-house, Lee Contracting only invests in best-in-class, pro-grade tools and machinery that have been proven in the toughest industrial settings. Keeping an eye on durability and reliability, our team is equipped with the best, ensuring optimal performance and safety on every project.

Not only do we buy the best, we maintain our equipment meticulously with regular inspections and cleaning to uphold our high standards. This stringent upkeep not only keeps our fleet in tip-top condition, it allows us to control costs and pass the savings on to our clients.


Protecting our employees and our clients is not just a box we check. Safety is prioritized and ingrained in everything we do, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Our Safety Team consists of certified OSHA Outreach Trainers, empowering us to conduct the majority of our safety training internally. All new employees receive OSHA 10 training in addition to complementary safety training. Our Safety Team, which oversees safety on every job, we have an internal Safety Committee made up of team members from various departments who can weigh in from different perspectives.

It’s this proactive approach to safety that keeps Lee Contracting at the forefront of industry standards and ensures our team members return home safely at the end of each day, ready to tackle new challenges with confidence and peace of mind.

Need a team that can bring excellence to your next industrial contracting project? Contact us to request a quote today.