Enhancing Fire Protection for Manufacturers: The Importance of Pre-Planning to Address Your Needs

Protecting your employees, equipment and facility from fire hazards is a top priority for any manufacturing facility. And while having a reliable fire suppression system is essential, pre-planning can significantly enhance your protection methods.

An estimated 37,000 fires occur at industrial and manufacturing facilities each year in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These fires result in an average of 18 deaths, 279 injuries and approximately $1 billion in total property damage.

Planning Ahead

By proactively identifying potential fire hazards and developing strategies to mitigate them, pre-planning becomes an invaluable tool for ensuring the safety of your facility. The NFPA notes facilities with comprehensive fire prevention plans and adequate fire protection systems have lower rates of property damage and injury. By understanding the unique aspects of your facility, Lee’s industrial contracting services can design a fire protection system that meets your specific requirements and can position fire suppression systems – such as automatic sprinklers – to provide maximum protection.

Training for Fire Safety

In addition to enhancing overall facility safety, pre-planning provides opportunities for employee training. By sharing a fire protection plan with your employees, they can become familiar with potential hazards, emergency exit routes and firefighting equipment. Training can also cover selecting the right equipment for the type of fire, proper use of fire suppression equipment and how to respond to fire emergencies. This can not only ensure the safety of your employees, but it reduces the risk of accidents caused by incorrect handling of fire protection equipment.

Reducing Risk

Pre-planning can also help minimize the risk of fire damage to your facility and equipment. According to the NFPA, direct property damage from fires in industrial and manufacturing facilities averages $100,000 per fire. By identifying potential ignition sources, fuel sources and fire spread risks, Lee’s industrial contracting services can implement measures to eliminate or reduce them.

At Lee Industrial Contracting, we specialize in developing pre-plans and designing fire protection systems that meet each customer’s specific needs. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to install, service, inspect and test fire protection systems. We also ensure our work meets all necessary codes and standards. We can design and install a wide range of fire suppression methods, including wet and dry fire sprinkler systems, special hazard systems like water mist, NOVEC 1230, CO2, foam systems and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our fire protection services and how we can help you protect your employees, equipment and facility.