Lee Contracting’s Geographic Capabilities

Lee Contracting’s headquarters is in Pontiac, Michigan, but that doesn’t stop us from expanding past the Midwest. Our expertise allows us to complete projects on a national and international level. With the automotive and manufacturing industries continuing to expand, your choice in contractor shouldn’t be limited by location. We are an industry leader when it comes to providing our customers with the best service in foundations, rigging, electrical, mechanical, fabrication and maintenance & repair work. To support these departments, we also offer our customers the best in controls & robotics, building, roof raising, emergency power and storage.

Geographic CapabilitiesIf your next industrial project isn’t located in Michigan, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have the capabilities to work throughout the United States. For example, we received and transported a SAK160 high speed blanking press, sound enclosure, feeder, hydraulic tank, operator console, electrical cabinets and cables from Pontiac, MI to Denver, CO. On site we offloaded the equipment, installed the press, mounted the isolators, mounted the feeder and feeder mounting plate, leveled the press, set the hydraulic tank and assembled the sound enclosure.

Geographic CapabilitiesAn international example is when our electrical department provided assistance in Moriya, Japan to prepare equipment for shipment to the United States. Lee Contracting sent an electrician to Japan for 13 days to supervise the disconnection of a carton line to prepare for shipment. The front & rear portion of the equipment was disconnected, and all the cables and wires were match marked during the disconnection process. Match marking the cables and wires allows for a seamless reinstallation process and minimizes the need to troubleshoot the equipment at startup. The equipment will be shipped and reinstalled in North Carolina at the end of February.

The above projects are just two examples of our skilled work. View more of our success stories today.

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