HVAC Systems: Their Importance in Industrial Facilities

Industrial MechanicalDuctwork plays an important role in industrial facilities. Large HVAC systems maintain air quality, employee health, and quality assurance benchmarks. These large, secure passageways for airflow improve total system efficiency and reduce the likelihood of an air quality crisis. Any process that creates health hazards in an enclosed environment will benefit from a properly sized duct system.


Marc Neiman, Lee Contracting’s HVAC Coordinator warns that duct systems that are too large or too small can impede airflow levels, ventilation, and dust collection system performance. Industrial ductwork contains air flow passageways designed to keep pace with air volume requirements. These duct systems are important in areas that rely on consistent temperature management and efficient dust collection/ventilation.


Dust collection systems are integrated within an industrial HVAC system. These systems rely on ductwork to carry industrial dust from a machine to the collection system. Large ductwork can accommodate these industrial applications to deliver consistent air quality without overtaxing the system.


Industrial ductwork systems often feature galvanized, stainless, or rolled steel Industrial Mechanicalconstructions to deliver maximum performance in an industrial environment. Industrial environments need carefully designed, fabricated, and installed components to meet regulatory air quality standards and minimize system maintenance requirements. Sometimes, prefabricated ductwork systems may not meet the standards for a facility. When this occurs, the facility will benefit from a custom fabricated HVAC system design.


Lee’s HVAC department is prepared to handle any project when it comes to your sheet metal fabrication, installation, Industrial Mechanicalservice, and preventative maintenance needs. Our key advantage is maintaining a fully stocked sheet metal and fabrication shop to meet our customer’s needs, whether it is on a moment’s notice or a large planned-out project. Our teams can handle any project of any size to get the job done. We have experience installing dust collection systems, exhaust and ventilation systems, roof top, split or ductless systems, chiller systems, refrigeration piping, environmental chambers and computer/server room systems.


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