Industrial Foundations

The concrete floors in your facility take a beating every day. Excessive foot traffic, forklifts and vibration from heavy machinery operation can lead to an expedited deterioration of your floors. There are a few steps you can take to minimize the damage done to your floors and extend its lifespan.


Inspect Your Floors

Like every other tool and piece of equipment, you should perform a regular inspection of the floor and foundation around your equipment. Cracks and spalls in the floor can develop quickly and knowing when the damage began can help you identify the cause and make a repair. If left alone and the damage isn’t addressed, it can quickly get worse and the surrounding area will follow suit.


Install Isolation Pads

To protect your machinery and its foundation, you can have isolation pads installed. Isolation pads absorb the impact of the machinery operation by transferring one large impact force into a few smaller impact forces. This lessens the wear-and-tear on not only the foundation but also on the equipment.


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industrial foundations

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