Lee Can Be Your Emergency Power Provider

Running a manufacturing facility comes with risks and a chance of an emergency. With the proper preparedness, most risks can be avoided. A power outage is one of those emergencies that, with a plan, can be managed to avoid excessive down production time. Lee Contracting can be your emergency power provider when disaster strikes.


Michigan companies face several risk factors that can cause a power outage. With our proximity to the Great Lakes, floods, hail, tornadoes and other natural disasters are more likely to happen. The National Climatic Data Center predicts that weather emergencies will continue to affect Michigan in the near future with increased frequency due to climate change.


When one of these natural disasters strikes and the power goes out, your facility faces a loss of material, a breakdown of machinery and more importantly decreased production time. Like any risk, power loss can be mitigated by having the proper emergency plan in place.


Lee Contracting’s emergency power service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are able to respond to your sudden power loss quickly. On average, we can have your facility up and running again within 3 hours. We have a wide range of generators to provide power to your facility. We can cover power needs up to 3MW.


For those companies with reoccurring power issues, we can set and install a permanent transfer switch with leads for instant generator hook-up in case of emergencies.


Give us a call at 888-833-8776 or request a quote to see how Lee can meet your emergency power needs.