Machine Repair

When your equipment is down, it can cost you time and money. At Lee Industrial Contracting, we understand that and have developed a turn-key maintenance and industrial machine repair department to address your needs quickly and efficiently. Our expert team of machine repairmen can troubleshoot, repair and rebuild your machinery so you can get back to work faster. 

Professional Services

Lee Industrial Contracting is the premier repair team that provides professional, cost-effective and prompt machinery repair services. We have a large clean facility full of expert staff and state of the art equipment so we can offer lower costs and reduced downtime.

Highly Skilled Repair Services

When your machinery is damaged, worn-out or not capable of meeting demands, you need a highly skilled team with the experience it takes to service specialized machinery. We know that replacement isn’t always the most cost-effective approach, so our machine repairmen offer onsite rebuild and refurbish alternatives.

Machining Capabilities

Our inspection, maintenance, rebuild and repair services are unmatched. Our team has the expertise required to complete the job accurately and efficiently and our spacious facility allows us to accommodate any size machine. We offer:

  • Complete Machining:  Manufacturing, machining and reverse engineering of components.
  • Portable Machining: Milling, line boring, bore welding, keyway cutting and lamina drilling /boring.
  • Mechanical Press Rebuilds
  • Hydraulic Press Rebuilds 
  • Major Maintenance: Clutch and brake, counterbalance, cylinders, conveyer, die cushion and rolling bolster systems, bushings/bearings, ancillary equipment.

We can also work with you to design a preventative maintenance program that fits your facility’s needs. We will help you implement the program and perform inspections to prevent costly repairs and downtime. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

When you’re shopping for industrial machine repair, choose a company that has single-source solutions and turn-key capabilities. When you restructure your plant, choose a company that is capable of moving your machinery accurately and effectively. Our team can help you design an optimal workflow, easily disassemble your large industrial equipment and quickly reassemble them for minimal time lost.

We use the same experience and expertise to assist you in relocating your plant. Moving machinery from one location to another can be costly and challenging. You can’t just choose any moving company. Instead, you need a team that understands the complexity of your industrial machinery, is capable of disassembly and can reposition your equipment anywhere in the country.

Finally, in order to save you money without any dramatic changes, we have department estimators who are experienced in improving productivity and restructuring plants. If you feel your bottom line is being affected by inefficient workflow, contact our team today to review your shop floor and determine a quick fix or major overhaul that can improve productivity.

Prompt Repairs

Time is money. Don’t shop for machine repair and plant restructuring services based solely on the price. You may find a more affordable local company, but you need to consider how long the project will take. High-volume plants can lose out on major contracts or days of work hours as you wait for your machinery to be repaired.

Because our team at Lee Industrial Contracting has all the in-house tools, equipment and labor needed to finish the job, we can shave hours or even days off your timeline. An emergency repair can either be resolved at our location or right on your shop floor. If we are unable to secure the necessary parts in time, our team can machine the components you need for unparalleled turn-around time.

Request a Quote Today

Don’t take our word for it. If you’re looking for premier industrial contractors in Michigan, choose Lee Industrial Contracting. Request a quote today to find out how we can solve your repair or machining issues. Whether the job involves one piece of equipment or a large plant with multiple pieces of industrial machinery, our team can handle your needs with prompt, professional and cost-effective services near you.