Manufacturing Facility Energy Conservation

Energy conservation isn’t something that should just be practiced in a residential setting. There are ways manufacturing facilities can conserve energy and lower their overall energy costs. The Manufacturing Innovation Blog shows us some ways you can save energy and reduce your facility costs:

  1. Complete an Energy Audit

During this audit, your systems and equipment will be inspected and evaluated. This helps you to determine where your facility is consuming energy and at what rate. Your HVAC, lighting, compressed air and production systems might be included in this audit.

System leaks can be a source of wasted energy. If a leak is discovered during the audit, sometimes the fix can be as simple as tightening fittings or replacing minor parts. These small repairs can save you energy, time and money in the long run.

  1. Upgrade your Equipment

Brian Lagas of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, reminds us this doesn’t just mean manufacturing equipment. This can include ceiling fans, computer monitors, and other small electronics. Just like your major equipment on the shop floor, these small machines can become inefficient as they age. Replacing this equipment may be more budget friendly than replacing your entire HVAC system or replacing an outdated stamping press.

  1. Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

Having a well-lit manufacturing facility is important and the type of lighting used can help conserve energy.Energy Conservation Using industrial compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) help to reduce energy usage. Another way to conserve energy is to install automatic switches to turn the lights off after no movement has been detected for a certain amount of time.

These are just three suggestions on how to conserve energy and reduce costs at your facility. While these changes may seem small, they can have a big impact in the long run.

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