Press Repair

Repairing your press is extremely important to keep production at maximum efficiency. Taking the time to inspect your press can save you time and money in the future. When your press is being dismantled for repair, this provides a great opportunity to inspect the press for any further repairs or modifications to enhance the system. Taking this time to inspect the press can save time and money. A large part of the expense of equipment repairs or modifications is the labor associated with teardown and inspection.

Timing your press repair around a relocation is beneficial because production downtime is already planned. Components targeted for replacement or repair can be dealt with while the rest of the machinery is being moved to its new location. In many cases, components can be repaired and reinstalled with the other equipment as a seamless process.

For example, during the dismantle inspection, it may be revealed that the drive shaft or the ram needs to be rebuilt. Discovering any issues at this point and having all repairs and upgrades completed during this already scheduled downtime will save time and money in the long run. If the components are not rebuilt during this time, they will need to be fixed in the future which could cause disruption to production schedules. This would also be costly due to having to dismantle the press twice to reach and rebuild the components.

Lee Contracting has its own in-house maintenance and repair department. Our highly-skilled machine repair, industrial maintenance and machinist teams can maintain, troubleshoot, repair and rebuild your machinery. We offer on-site machine repair, or we can take your equipment to our fully equipped facility to perform repairs.

Our machining team uses state-of-the-art precision manufacturing equipment for reliable accuracy and consistency. We also offer portable machining services that enable us to keep your downtime to a minimum as well as save thousands of dollars by not having to completely disassemble large machinery.

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