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Steel Plant Upgrades

A large producer of long steel turned to Lee Industrial Contracting to upgrade multiple system components during their 30-day shutdown in June 2021.


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A large producer of long steel turned to Lee Industrial Contracting to upgrade their systems during their 30-day shutdown in June 2021. During the plant shutdown, Lee completed several upgrades for the steel industry giant, all in support of the client’s twin ladle furnace installed by Lee in 2019/2020, as well as another new furnace installed earlier in 2021. Some of the notable projects during the shutdown included:

  • Removal of an old cooling tower and reinstallation of a newer, larger one. This allowed for better temperature control throughout the plant. This project also included necessary upgrades to stairways, structural steel and foundations.
  • Upgraded the client’s rolling mill saws by removing the existing outdated equipment and replacing and reinstalling with new. With these upgrades, they can increase efficiency in changing the shape and thickness of steel.
  • Assembled, installed and integrated a brand-new controls/material handling system on the client’s conveyors.
  • Upgraded the plant’s cooling system. This resulted in an increase in volume production for the client.
  • Removed the client’s old caster spray chamber and installed a new one. The upgraded caster machine allows the customer to cast molten steel more effectively.

When completing large-scale projects, Lee is prepared to expect the unexpected.  One major challenge our team faced took place during the removal and installation of the caster machine. Due to the location of the equipment in the plant, moving this large piece of machinery was nearly impossible without the quick thinking of Lee’s team to cut open the wall to safety remove the large piece of equipment. The teams then pre-assembled the new caster machine and rigged it through the same opening. After the machine was installed, Lee’s teams worked to weld the wall opening shut with galvanized steel plates

In addition to limited space, the Lee teams were also faced with the challenge of a 30-day deadline to get all work done. In typical Lee fashion, our teams completed all work prior to the deadline.

Lee Contracting was the perfect partner for this client during their shutdown. Our teams are skilled in 13 different trades and can service our clients in a variety of projects – we are truly a one-stop shop! Because Lee doesn’t have to outsource work, it saves time which gives us the tools to complete a project within our client’s deadline 100% of the time!



Heavy Industry


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