Staying Safe on the Job Site

Job site safety is an important aspect to completing a job. Lee Contracting’s commitment to safety helps to prevent accidents and injuries. We start training employees on safety immediately upon hire. We know that when a company meets its safety goals, our customers benefit.
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Training employees on job site hazards allows them to recognize and address safety issues before an injury occurs. All employees should be trained on the equipment they will be using onsite; this includes safe use of ladders, scaffolds, and fall protection systems. Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. According to OSHA, in 2015 there were 350 fatal falls. With the proper training and safety equipment, these deaths are preventable.


OSHA provides some key points for employees to remember when it comes to ladder and scaffold safety.


Ladder Safety:

  • Don’t overreachladders
  • Always face the ladder
  • Place the ladder on level footing
  • Secure the ladder by locking the braces
  • Maintain three points of contact while ascending and descending
  • Never stand on the top 2 steps


Scaffold Safety:

  • Don’t climb over cross braces
  • Don’t use a ladder on a scaffold
  • Don’t stand on the guardrails
  • Inspect the scaffold before use


Proper planning for a job can help to prevent injuries. Knowing potential job site hazards and what safety equipment is needed can help decide how each task will be completed and will help to prevent injuries to employees. Training employees on these dangers can help keep everyone on the job site safe. Providing your employees the right equipment for a job is also imperative to maintaining a safe job site. When employees are safe, the employer and the customer benefit from better service and reduced costs.