Benefits of Leadership Training

We’ve been busy here at Lee Contracting preparing and launching another round of leadership program training.  We, at Lee, believe that all employees of a company can benefit from additional leadership training. We aim to foster a team environment where every member is a leader in their own right.

There exists a multitude of benefits to empowering employees to act and feel like leaders. We will cover some of them in this article to give our readers a glimpse on some of the methods we have used to achieve a 115% increase in growth in the past 3 years alone!


Increase Employee Engagement

Successful leaders know the importance of giving or receiving feedback. Where most employees run into issues is when it comes to how to give feedback. Leadership training can give employees and managers alike a structure to not only know how to communicate feedback well, but how to receive and implement the changes as well. Understanding is half the battle, once an employee can speak the same language as a manager, or anyone in a leadership position, they can both be better equipped at enhancing the quality of their work.


Employee Retention

leadershipOn average, 75% of people who voluntarily leave jobs don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses! Imagine the benefits of not only having effective leaders, but happier employees who feel nurtured and appreciated in the workplace. Lee Contracting Careers is always hiring motivated individuals who would like to join a work environment where employee growth is tied closely to company growth. We truly believe that employee retention has been one of the key reasons we continue to succeed in the highly competitive industrial contracting field.


Better Decision Making Process

Unfortunately, regardless of personal belief, it is a known fact that a great employee does not necessarily make a great leader. So why do most companies continually promote individuals without proper leadership training? The answer is simple, lack of effort. Now, imagine a workplace where not only do the leaders receive training but so do the employees! This united front of experience fosters a dynamic environment where from the top to the bottom of the employee ladder every individual understands their role. This understanding leads to better decision making, as well as increased productivity.

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