Building Industrial Foundations

Having the right industrial foundation is important when it comes to installing new machinery. This foundation is responsible for supporting your expensive and heavy equipment. At Lee Contracting, we take that responsibility very seriously and want to ensure that your equipment is going to be safe and secure for years to come.


Our foundation teams are highly skilled in completing any type of concrete work. We only use the latest model equipment and company owned trucks to complete the work. We excel at digging pits without disrupting surrounding structures using our industry exclusive excavation technique.


Industrial FoundationOur customers have come to expect only the best work from Lee Contracting when it comes to installing their foundations. When Visioneering was building a new facility, they needed to install eight milling machine foundations. Lee designed, constructed and poured these foundations. The project needed 2,320 cubic yards of concrete, of which 750 cubic yards were poured in one day.


Odyssey Industries had a forty-foot Parpas High Velocity XS Mill

Industrial Foundation

that needed a very specific foundation due to the mill manufacturer requirements. Lee designed and poured the foundation. It was over four feet thick, poured in a single monolithic pour, and reinforced with large diameter rebar.


New Center Stamping needed a custom 127-foot-long press pit installed to fit five stamping presses. Each press was individually measured and those measurements were used to design the custom pit. We conducted the demolition of the current common press pit, excavated the area for a new press pit and installed six rolling bolster foundations. We worked around and incorporated the existing pits into the new ones and redesigned and modified the entire scrap system.


Whether you are looking for foundations for stamping presses, injection mold machines, slitter lines, mills, or you need utility trenching, isolation pads, truckwells or precision grouting our foundation team can complete it all. For more information on our foundation experience, visit our foundation page or if you are ready to request a free quote you can do so here.