Turn-Key Press Installation

Lee Contracting’s in-house approach to working in the industrial field has yielded continued company growth. Over the last two years, Lee Contracting installed two new 2500 ton presses using their in-house equipment and manpower.

Lee Contracting is an industrial contractor who self-performs all work in-house, including electrical, rigging, mechanical, foundations, machine repair, and fabrication. When all of our trades work together they complement each other and seamlessly execute the project for our customers.

This is the case with the installation of two-2500 ton Fagor presses. Lee’s foundation team started with demolishing part of an existing exit scrap conveyor tunnel so they could extend the press pit for the new presses. The newly installed pit was 38 feet by 36 feet and 20 feet deep. With the addition of these two new presses, the scrap conveyor was extended another 20 feet and included a bump out for the aluminum bailer.

While working in an active manufacturing facility, Turn-Key Press InstallationLee’s riggers worked to fully assemble each of the presses internal components. They were shipped in 16 separate crates from Spain to the United States. When fully assembled, the base of the press weighed 150 metric tons, the slide weighed 112 metric tons and the crown weighed 225 metric tons. The flywheel alone weighed 15 metric tons, while the two eccentric gears weighed 30 metric tons each. The riggers then used Lee’s in-house 500-ton gantry crane to stack each of the presses and install a feed line for the presses.

Lee’s electricians and pipefitters worked on all of the electrical, hydraulic and piping interconnections to the press. This included setting a new primary transformer, installing a new 2,000-amp switch gear, installing a 1,200-amp main power feed to the new presses, installing chiller water, compressed air, a fire suppression system and an oil containment trench drain.

With Lee Contracting’s expertise, unique equipment and in-house approach to serving the manufacturing industry, they remain an indispensable asset for hundreds of companies. Learn more about Lee Contracting: