What Is Heavy Industrial Contracting?

Comprehensive heavy industrial contracting services provide cutting-edge performance and turn-key solutions for heavy industrial companies. Discover how a quality contractor can assist you in installing, maintaining and repairing your heavy industrial equipment today. Learn more about these reliable services and why Lee Industrial Contracting is the best team for your equipment needs.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Equipment

Heavy Machinery Relocation

From heavy machinery movers to repair and fabrication technicians, heavy industry contractors provide a range of services with cutting-edge tools and equipment. Unlike routine industrial services, heavy machinery services require unique features.

Ask your heavy industrial contracting team about their rigging capabilities. Relocating heavy industry equipment isn’t easily accomplished, so you need industry-leading technicians with state-of-the-art equipment. At Lee Industrial Contracting, we can safely transport machinery with our wide variety of specialty equipment.


Similarly, your equipment needs specialized foundation services. Extra-large foundations require unique engineering considerations, so it’s best to hire a skilled team who can provide record-breaking concrete work. Our team can safely and expertly install pits as deep as 60 feet below your finished floor. Specialized trenching equipment allows us to do so safely without disturbing nearby pits, trenches or foundational elements.


Electrical, mechanical and other components of heavy machinery may be similar to lighter industries, but you still need a team with the resources to rewire and rebuild any issue with the latest OEM parts or precision-engineered replacement components.

Team of Specialists

Choose a team that offers heavy industrial contracting support as part of a turn-key solution. Our team assists you from start to finish to create cutting-edge solutions for your industrial needs. Whether you have an essential part that needs to be replaced or you need to completely relocate your heavy industrial plant, turn to Lee Industrial Contracting.

First, you’ll receive a strategic project analysis from our team. Your heavy industry equipment needs special consideration as you repair, maintain or remove it from your plant floor. Our team will discuss the best ways to handle your specific project with minimal downtime and loss of productivity.

Next, we’ll handle the entire planning and engineering process. From analysis and parts fabrication to installation and quality control, you won’t need to spend valuable time contacting any service team or quality control specialist. Turn-key support helps us offer competitive pricing and reliable services.

Diverse Industries

Heavy industrial contracting covers a range of industries and equipment. The focus of contractors in this industry is large machinery that requires unique equipment and experience to maintain and repair. Here are just a few industries that be serviced by a heavy industry contractor:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Environmental
  • Energy

Depending on your equipment, you may find a heavy industry contractor with resources and experience outside of these common industries. Review the equipment commonly serviced by heavy industry contractors to determine whether their services are right for you.


One of the most important features to look for in heavy industrial contracting is safety. Letting a repair team into your heavy industrial plant can be a liability, so work with a team that understands the safety concerns of your industry and facility. The Lee Industrial Contracting team is committed to exceeding all relevant safety regulations while at our facility and at your location.

Contact Lee Contracting

Don’t wait to find out how a heavy industrial contracting company can boost your efficiency, safely relocate your equipment and provide emergency repairs that minimize downtime in your plant. Contact us today if you want to learn more about heavy industrial contracting, or request a quote if you’re ready to get started with turn-key support for all your rigging, foundation, electrical and mechanical work.