Who are Mechanical Contractors?

According to the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, mechanical contracting companies are responsible for installation, alteration, and repair of plumbing, piping, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems in buildings and structures. A mechanical contractor is licensed and skilled to handle anything involving mechanical parts.


How Do They Contribute to the Economy?


Mechanical contractors are responsible for many of our modern amenities like regulated temperatures, clean breathing air, sanitary surroundings and effective drainage. These workers also save millions of dollars every year by ensuring the units which define our modern life and productivity function optimally.


For example, if an HVAC system isn’t installed or repaired properly their efficiency decreases. They begin to consume excess energy to maintain the given output which increases the demand for electricity.

Industrial HVAC


At Lee Contracting, our mechanical department is responsible for installing, troubleshooting and repairing HVAC systems, pipefitting systems and compressed air systems.


Our HVAC team is trained to handle every part of your project. From fabricating custom ductwork to installing a dust collection system, to performing routine and preventative maintenance, we can ensure your equipment is running to its full potential and that your shop remains fully functional.


industrial pipefitting

Our pipefitting teams specialize in the installation of all types of piping materials including: carbon steel, stainless steel, CPVC, PVC, galvanized, copper, aluminum and ductile iron. Our key advantage is maintaining a fully stocked inventory of all piping and tubing materials to allow for quicker job turnaround and emergency service response.


Lee’s air compressor team can install, service and repair all makes and models of air compressors and air treatment systems. Testing and performing routine maintenance on your air compressor systems will add years to your equipment’s lifespan and can help to prevent future problems. We can perform service at your facility or at our shop. We provide 24/7 service as well as emergency rental compressors.


Lee Contracting is a full-service industrial contractor. Our turn-key services are performed by our expert in-house staff on every project. We offer an extensive list of capabilities to ensure that you receive the solutions your project needs.


Check out our careers page to see and apply for open jobs within our mechanical department.


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