3 Reasons Why You Want to be a Pipefitter

Pipefitting has been under the radar as a skilled trade for far too long. This rapidly growing area of work has one of the shortest training times on record for skilled trades. Demand for industrial pipefitting, especially in Michigan, has been steadily increasing for quite some time.


Growing Industry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the pipefitting and plumbing field will see a 21% increase from 2012 to 2022! They go on to further point out that the industry will outgrow the labor supply on every single year during that period. For example of demand, Lee Contracting is currently looking for a pipefitting estimator as well as a pipefitting foreman.


Short Training Time

The only thing required to start an apprenticeship in pipefitting is a high school diploma. You can start making money right away with no delay. Some technical schools do offer programs to get you started but most apprentice programs do not require previous educational experience besides a high school diploma.


Great Pay

On average pipefitters make over $50,000 a year! This isn’t even calculating in the fact that this is one of those skill sets where overtime is almost guaranteed. Potentially you can make as much as you’re willing to work.


Give Lee Industrial Contracting a look if you are looking to start a career in the exciting field of pipefitting! Positions are open in Pontiac, MI. We pride ourselves on the highest quality design and implementation Services.