Part 1- Planning a Press Move

This is part 1 of a 5-part series.

Moving heavy equipment is an important decision for many manufacturing facilities. There are five key stages will help to plan a successful machinery move. The first of these is planning.



Whether the machinery is being moved from one side of the floor to another, or from across the country, there are many factors to take in to account when planning to relocate equipment.


You probably already know that the equipment dimensions are important to the move, but there are several other measurements that need to be considered to ensure a successful move. These include:


  • Door Size- During relocation, does your equipment need to pass through a doorway? You want to make sure the doorway is large enough. If your equipment can’t fit through the door you may need to enlarge the doorway. If this isn’t an option, you may need to disassemble the equipment to move it.
  • Floor rating- Can the facility floor support the weight of the equipment and the rigging equipment during relocation? Is the floor where the new equipment will sit rated to support its weight?
  • Obstacles- Are there any pits or floor openings that need to be covered during relocation?
  • Open Access- Is there open access around the equipment to maneuver the rigging equipment around the area to remove the equipment and/or its components.
  • Weights/Dimensions- What are the weights and dimensions of the equipment and its components being relocated? This will help to plan for the use of appropriate rigging and transportation equipment.


Knowing the accurate measurements and weights of equipment willRigging ensure the proper trailers, trucks and load counts are utilized for proper transportation/relocation. Not having the correct measurements can add thousands of dollars and delay your relocation project.


Lee Contracting has over 25 years’ experience relocating equipment for hundreds of companies. We know that these measurements are very important for every project and we take care to ensure that we have a very detailed plan in place to relocate your equipment efficiently and safely.


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