Lee Contracting’s Rigging Capabilities

In the past, rigging referred to a system of ropes and pulleys used to support a ship’s masts. As technology evolved, the definition of rigging expanded to include the process in which objects are raised and moved into position. Today, rigging equipment, such as cranes, are used in a variety of settings including, manufacturing facilities, shipyards, cargo ports, and construction sites.


Over the last quarter of a century, the technology used in industrial rigging has made the process of lifting heavy objects and placing them more efficiently. Lee Contracting uses a variety of gantry systems and cranes which have a capacity up to 1,200 tons, to set your heaviest equipment. Gantry cranes allow us to set the heaviest pieces of equipment. We recently stacked two 2500-ton stamping presses. The crowns for each of the presses weighed 272 tons.


In addition to gantry cranes, Lee Contracting also has a fleet of several other cranes. We have three Broderson cranes with a capacity up to 50,000 pounds,

Cranes, Riggingan Ormig crane with a pick and carry 70-ton capacity, a Lifts-Systems mobile lifter with a 75-ton capacity, a Terex crane with a 70-ton capacity and a Grove crane with a 300-ton capacity.


Lee Contracting has over 25 years’ experience in the rigging industry. We like to be tested beyond the limits. Our riggers travel all around the world to make sure you have an efficient, safe, and expedited experience with plant projects and relocations.


Our customers enjoy the benefit of our riggers being available 24/7, 365 days a year, our ability to cut down project completion time up to fifty percent of our competitors and the ability to complete every project with state of art equipment from layout to final assembly.


Our teams have the experience to take care of all your equipment including stamping presses, injection mold machines, blow molding machines, weld cells, robotic cells, assembly lines, and machining equipment.


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