Electrical Safety

Electrical safety should be a continuing priority for every employee. Worksites are full of electrical safety hazards that must be observed. Basic ‘lockout/tagout’ and ‘test before touch’ procedures apply to every job. As industrial manufacturing plants get busier, it seems that open/free space always decreases. Per OSHA statistics, electrocutions account for 8.3% of construction deaths and control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout) was the 5th most frequently cited OSHA standard in 2017. Employers and workers alike must work together to improve safe work practices and decrease the number of injuries and deaths caused by electrical accidents.

Free space in front of electrical equipment not only makes it easier to work, but it is also required. These requirements become a safety hazard when they are infringed upon by stored equipment and/or manufacturing materials. This space is designed to keep workers safe while completing electrical maintenance or upgrades. Care should be taken to protect yourself when working in these areas.

Before starting work, establishing an electrical shutdown plan or isolating the equipment should be the first topic of discussion. Per OSHA guidelines, electrical equipment must be de-energized before work is performed. With the customer having ample time to schedule the shutdown, work can be performed without major interruption to their facility. Limited approach boundaries and caution tape must also be set up per the National Fire Protection Association. The boundaries must be maintained while work is being performed.

Performing electrical work in unsafe conditions is never permitted. Remember that electrical hazards can be avoided if these policies & Electrical Safetyprocedures, among other policies, are followed.

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