Embracing the Power of One: The Keystone to Success on Your Next Project

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, we at Lee Industrial Contracting understand the importance of reliable partners who can help navigate complexities with efficiency and expertise. Since 1989, we have distinguished ourselves with our unique turn-key approach, which is strengthened by our experience and innovation. Our comprehensive solutions lay the groundwork for success, empowering industries to thrive in the robust manufacturing sector.  

The Turn-Key Advantage 

We are proud to be the only truly in-house, turn-key industrial contracting firm in the industry. This model consolidates a wide range of trades under one roof, offering our clients simplified workflows and cost-efficient outcomes. By managing everything from design, building, installation and  maintenance, we provide a seamless, single-source solution for complex industrial challenges. 

Expertise Across Sectors 

One of our core strengths is our ability to handle projects of varying complexities. Our in-house team and comprehensive resources eliminate the need for multiple subcontractors, streamlining project execution and enhancing quality control. This approach is not only efficient but also cost-effective, striking a balance between functionality and budget constraints. 

Diverse Services, Unified Excellence 

Our range of services is as diverse as it is specialized: 

  • Electrical: With master electricians and extensive in-house inventory, we guarantee timely and quality electrical project completion. 
  • Pipefitting: We excel in fabricating and installing process piping, HVAC and compressed air systems. 
  • Foundations: Our proprietary processes and capabilities ensure world-class foundation work. 
  • Rigging: Our industry-leading equipment and technical know-how enable us to analyze, plan, move and reassemble your next rigging project  
  • Fabrication: We offer custom 2D/3D design, installation, and machining services, even on-site. 
  • Maintenance & Repair: Our specialized capabilities in predictive, preventive, corrective and emergency maintenance are a cornerstone of our services. 

The Power of Employee Ownership 

A pivotal aspect of our identity at Lee Industrial Contracting is our employee ownership structure. This model fosters a culture of personal investment and commitment to excellence, benefiting not just our employees but also our clients through higher project productivity and growth. 


In an era where manufacturing in Michigan is thriving, our turn-key solutions and diverse expertise are more relevant than ever. By providing comprehensive services and efficient, value-driven solutions, we empower industries to not just navigate but excel in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape. Our commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation under the ‘Power of One’ philosophy is a testament to our role as a trusted partner for industrial projects throughout the midwestern region and across the United States.