Foundation Components

Foundations are a necessary part of your project. The foundation is the groundwork for your facility & your equipment. We specialize in concrete for equipment foundations as well as concrete for your next building.

Foundation Components

But what goes into creating world-class foundations for your turn-key project? Here is a breakdown of some different foundation components.

Footing: The footing is the part of the foundation that supports the concrete slab, floor joists, or blocks. Footings are formed by filling an excavated ditch with concrete to ground level. The footing runs along the entire perimeter of the structure.

Stem Wall: A stem wall is a short reinforced concrete wall rising above the ground and running the perimeter of the structure. They can be poured at the same time as the slab or the footing. Stem walls protect a structure by raising its elevation and guarding against flooding.

Pier: Piers are excavated holes filled with reinforced concrete running at intervals along the perimeter of a structure. Footings and stem walls often have piers.

Grade Beam: Grade beam is a reinforced concrete beam that diffuses the load from a bearing wall into spaced foundations.

Foundation ComponentsWith the different components that go into installing your flawless foundation, trusting the right contractor is an integral part of your selection process. Our expert foundation team is highly skilled and capable of completing nearly any type of concrete work. With our proprietary excavation technique, in-house staff and state-of-the-art equipment we are ready to install the right foundation for your job. We specialize in installing; stamping press foundation pits, injection mold machine foundations, slitter/cut to length foundations, mill foundations, precision grouting, isolation pads, floor slab replacement, building foundations, site concrete and poured walls.

We pair the best materials and equipment with the latest industry practices to provide a world-class product. Our turn-key approach and in-house talent allows us total control of engineering, earth retention, resteel, form work and concrete placement. Learn more about our foundation team today.

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