Industrial HVAC Companies

There are many options for heating and air conditioning units for industrial and commercial use. Lee Industrial Contracting is among the most trusted and well-respected industrial HVAC companies in and around Michigan. We are proud to be your choice of HVAC contractors to help you understand the many choices and select the right system for your company’s needs.

Split System Condensing Units

What differentiates a split system from other HVAC systems is that it is composed of an indoor air handler with the condenser and compressor in a metal enclosure outdoors. Unlike packaged units, the air handler with fan and evaporator coil is separate from the condenser and compressor. There are both single and multi split systems.

Single Split Systems

The single split system is a prevalent choice for business owners. They are affordable and compact, making it ideal for small offices, restaurants, shops and server rooms. Installation is much less than centralized units. Since they operate independently, the failure of any one unit to perform does not impact any other areas.

The single split HVAC system typically consisted of an air conditioner to cool and a furnace to convert the refrigerant. An evaporator coil circulates the air. The unit is controlled with a thermostat or similar control panel.

Multi Split Systems

Where single split units have one indoor unit for every outdoor unit, multi split systems can have accommodated up to nine indoor units for every outdoor unit. This is a more aesthetically pleasing choice and better for buildings with limited exterior space. However, because it requires more ductwork, installation is higher as compared to a single split system.

This configuration is highly energy efficient, using inverter technology to allow the compressor to operate at variable speeds. The highest energy usage in commercial systems comes from the compressor turning on and off. With the use of sensors and heat pumps, the multi split system can identify areas that need adjustment and move warm air from one area to another cooler area.

VRF Systems

Variable refrigerant flow or VRF HVAC systems are good choices for medium to large office buildings or hotels. There are two types of VRF systems. Heat pump VRF systems can either heat or cool, but it can’t do both simultaneously. It is appropriate for open floor plans. A heat recovery system is a better option for multiple rooms or offices, as it can provide heat to one while cooling another at the same time.

Direct Fired Air Handlers

These heavy-duty air units are built to last with the base, frame and wall panels welded into one unibody cabinet. They are energy efficient, delivering 100% of the burner power into the heated space. Indoor air quality is maintained by the introduction of fresh outside air into the system. Up to 80% of the air can be recirculated, reducing your energy costs.

Indirect-Fired Air Handlers

Indirect fired or IDF air handling units pressurize an area with conditioned outdoor air. You have the option to heat, cool or recirculate the conditioned air. Carbon monoxide, a natural by-product of combustion, is directed outside the space during the heating mode. It is a highly energy-efficient option.

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