Lee Contracting in Flint Michigan

Flint Michigan and Lee Contracting

Lee Contracting’s Turn-key solution approach to projects often leads us all over the world. With its deep historical manufacturing base, Flint, Michigan provides numerous opportunities for Lee Contracting to showcase its capabilities.

Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan is the largest city in Genesee County, Michigan. It is located on the Flint River, fewer than 66 miles northwest of Detroit. It is one of the oldest cities in Michigan, having been incorporated in 1855. It is the seventh largest city in Michigan in terms of population.

In the 19th century, Flint became one of the leading manufacturers of carriages. As the use of carriages gave way to automobiles in the mid-20th century, Flint became known as “Vehicle City”. Despite a decrease in vehicle manufacturing in the mid-2000s, Flint, with its manufacturing heritage, is still a city that many different manufacturing factories call home.

Below, are summaries of two customers in Flint who utilized Lee Contracting’s turn-key services.

American Spiral Weld and Lee Contracting in Flint Michigan

american spiral weld blueAmerican Spiral Weld needed a steel pipe processing line transported from Istanbul, Turkey to its manufacturing facility in Flint. The move involved a turn-key installation of a 400-foot metal processing line and a spiral mill.

The biggest hurdle Lee Contracting ran into with this project was the fact that the equipment had been sitting dormant in Turkey for four years! But Lee came through with flying colors for American Spiral by performing repairs amounting to approximately $1.5 million using custom engineered and fabricated parts to ensure the successful operation at their Flint, Michigan manufacturing facility.


Moving from Flint Michigan

steel tech black logoSteel Technologies had a blanking line in Flint, MI that needed to be removed, transported and reinstalled in Madison, Mississippi. This move would include performing any machine repair needed to get them properly installed as well as painting them to fit new facility colors.

Prior to installation at their new facility, Lee Contracting installed a new 20-foot-deep foundation for the blanking line. At this depth, we were hitting the water table and needed to pump water out of the pit before pouring the foundation. The machines also had to be reprogrammed to integrate together as they were originally programmed to automatic function.

Time and time again Flint, Michigan has provided Lee Contracting with unique and challenging opportunities to prove its Turn-key Solution advantage.

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