Part 5-Installing a Press

This is part 5 of a 5-part series.

Last week’s blog talked about the fourth step to a successful equipment relocation: Transporting. This week, we are focusing on the final step: Installing



The last step in ensuring you have a successful press move is the installation of the press. Hiring the right riggers can make a world of difference during the installation process. The right rigging company will have the proper equipment for the job, including: cranes, gantries, fork trucks and man lifts.


The equipment’s new location will have its own set of challenges compared to its previous location. These might include:


  • There might not be a pit or foundation installed for the equipment. (Lee’s foundation department can install one for you.)
  • Lower ceiling heights, which requires the riggers to use special assembly procedures (Lee can raise the roof over the new equipment location.)
  • The doorways might not be large enough which would require the machinery to be either disassembled or for the doorway to be made larger. (Lee’s building department can enlarge any doorway to suit your needs.)
  • Power supplies to the building might not be large enough to handle the new equipment. (Lee has journeymen and master electricians on staff to upgrade your power supplies.)
  • Air compressors might not be large enough to handle the new requirements. (Lee’s air compressor department can install and upgrade your current air compressor system.)


These challenges should have been discussed and solved during the planning process. Lee Contracting’s turn-key solutions process takes the time to ensure that you are not surprised with one of the above issues during the installation process. We think of everything to make sure you are up and running as fast as possible.


Lee Contracting knows that investing in new equipment is a huge undertaking. We work with you to complete the project safely, efficiently and in a timely manner. We take your trust in us very seriously and strive to be a world-class industrial contractor.


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