Machinery Relocations

As your industrial process outgrows your plant, it may become necessary to relocate machinery. Relocating machinery requires significant experience and state-of-the-art equipment. Lee Industrial Contracting has more than 30 years of experience in machinery relocation. From minor moves to a major relocation project, choose the industry-leaders for unparalleled results.

Equipment Required for Relocations

Your heavy-duty milling machines, CNC machines or other industrial process equipment require premier rigging services and state-of-the-art equipment. At Lee Industrial Contracting, we have the latest equipment necessary to rig, transport and install your industrial machinery.

Our extensive fleet of transportation vehicles, gantry systems and cranes are designed for industrial equipment of all sizes. The centerpiece of our entire fleet is a remote-controlled Goldhofer transportation module. This incredible machine has an impressive one million pound capacity.

Many other industrial rigging and relocation service providers have the experience but lack the extensive equipment necessary. These service providers have to rent equipment and rely on third-party companies, which translates to increased costs and the likelihood of a delayed schedule.

Outsourcing your project to multiple companies can create a logistical headache. Instead, hiring a turn-key service provider who combines them all in a single experienced team. Work with an experienced company that can handle all aspects of your project without damaging your equipment, creating a safety hazard or slowing down your timeline.

Accelerated Scheduling Strategies

Downtime is a major factor in considering relocation services. Too many services require extensive timelines, experience frequent delays and can cause your plant excessive costs in terms of downtime. Our team operates efficiently as a single unit to speed up the process and safely move your equipment without experiencing significant downtime.

Part of our strategy is full in-house operations. We own our equipment and have a team of expert engineers and technicians trained in a number of industrial services including:

Our team can handle virtually any unforeseen step in the process of preparing your machinery, loading it on our transportation systems, preparing the foundation at your new location and safely installing your machinery.

Before you move your equipment to a new location, it’s important to have the foundation, electrical and mechanical components thoroughly inspected and verified. A foundation that isn’t prepared to handle a new piece of equipment can become compromised and crack, which puts your machinery and employees in danger.

Part of our accelerated scheduling strategy is complete personalization. No two situations are exactly the same when it comes to industrial equipment relocation. Our team inspects your equipment and relocation needs, draws up a plan and thoroughly discusses it with you before implementing any step. We ensure you’re up-to-date throughout the process so no additional fees or delayed timelines cause you surprise, concern or alter your plans.

Affordable Turn-Key Services for Any Machinery

Receive premier services and affordable rates from industry-leading machinery movers. Request a quote today to find out how Lee Industrial Contracting can achieve your machinery relocation needs with a safe, efficient team of experts. Stay ahead of the competition with industry-leading services at affordable rates.