The Importance of an Emergency Plan

Make Lee Contracting Part of Your Emergency Plan


Having a plan is essential to being prepared for an emergency. As we head into winter with its howling winds, snow, and ice storms, you should be prepared for the damage winter can inflict on your facility. A slowdown or shutdown of your production means less money in your pocket.


While some emergencies can’t be avoided, most are preventable. Follow these tips to protect yourself and your employees:


1. Perform regular preventative maintenance on machinery. You can either perform the inspection in-house or have a contractor do it. The employees who are running your worker-gear-01-01machines should also perform a daily inspection to make sure the machine is running properly. If there is an issue with the machine, they should report to management right away so it can
be fixed. Tom Bonine of National Metal Fabricators reminds us, Employees should never attempt to fix the machine on their own before alerting management.

2. Train your employees on the hazards around your facility. Chemicals are a permanent hazard in any facility, but with proper training, your employees can minimize their risk. According to, mishandling chemicals can cause illness, skin irritation and breathing problems. Remember to keep flammable chemicals away from open flames. And never smoke around them. This will keep everyone safe.


3. emergency-exits-01Have an emergency plan and train everyone on it before you need it. This should include fire extinguisher locations, fire exit locations and meeting places after evacuation. The emergency plan will help to educate employees on what to do during an emergency and how to evacuate the building.


Even being prepared for an emergency inside your facility doesn’t stop the weather from causing one outside. generators-01Snow, ice, and wind can knock out the power to your facility but with Lee’s 24/7 emergency service you don’t have to worry about when power will be back to your facility. The quick response time Lee provides will help to minimize your downtime.


When your emergency is more severe let Lee Contracting be your one and only call to help bring your facility back online. We have all trades under one roof to better serve you and to minimize down time. Our employees are cross-trained to work together, creating a team environment which helps to speed up the work and get you back and up running faster.


It’s important to always be prepared for an emergency, but when the unavoidable happens, call Lee and we can help you recover faster. Lee has you covered with phone-number-01our fast response time, in-house skilled trades and equipment. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help get you back up and running.