What Master Industrial Electricians Bring to a Project

Electrical systems serve as the backbone of operations in an industrial facility. Supporting a number of essential functions throughout the plant, nearly every piece of equipment depends on fail-safe electrical infrastructure to run smoothly – or run at all.

A master-level industrial electrical contractor can be the unsung hero behind the success of a facility. Going beyond just installing and connecting wires and plugs, the master electrician brings a wealth of knowledge, specialization and reliability to heavy industrial projects.

Years of Expertise

A master industrial electrical contractor must undergo at least 12,000 hours of training, have at least six years of on-the-job experience and possess a master electrical license from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs – the highest level of electrical licensing available.

Responsible for more than just execution, the master electrical contractor is involved in all aspects of the project, including planning, design, supervision and quality control, in addition to performing complex electrical work. In the heavy industrial industry, tapping into the expertise of a master electrician is critical for a successful project.

Safety and Compliance

Safety must be top of mind in any industrial work environment. As part of their training and certification, a master-level industrial electrical contractor must have a thorough understanding of important safety protocols, codes and regulations.

When it comes to electrical projects, there is always a certain amount of risk, and you can’t simply hire a novice and assume everything will go off without a hitch. A master electrician will have the expertise to know the common safety issues to look out for and how to avoid them. By utilizing a master industrial electrician, companies gain peace of mind that their electrical systems will meet all safety requirements and regulations and mitigate the risk of accidents or injuries.

Project Management Skills

Industrial facilities rely on a great deal of heavy machinery and equipment, so by nature the electrical systems that power them are complex. These systems require planning, coordination and skilled execution.

A master electrical contractor excels in project management and oversees every aspect of the project, from installation to upgrades to expansion. They supervise and work closely with journey electricians and other trades people on the project to ensure all systems integrate seamlessly and the project stays on track.

An Eye on Costs

Without strategic planning in advance, the costs of an industrial project can run amok. A master electrician is an expert at value engineering and optimizes electrical designs for the greatest efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while adhering to regulatory codes and standards. The master industrial electrical contractor might make recommendations for energy-efficient parts and risk mitigation strategies that will deliver value and cost savings for plants over the long haul.

Lee Contracting has more than 10 certified master electricians backed by a stellar team of 75 journey electricians who bring diverse experience to industrial projects. By working with our electrical team, you receive in-depth expertise, compliance adherence, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Turn to Lee Contracting as your go-to partner to ensure your electrical systems are installed safely and will support overarching operational goals.

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