Noise Safety

Working in the construction industry usually means working in a loud environment. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment is necessary for all job sites from working in automobile plants to our own in-house machine shop. Protecting your hearing should be no different. Controlling noise level can be broken down to a three-step process:

Reduce: Reduce noise by using the quietest equipment available.

Move: Move the loud equipment farther away. Noise levels go down as we increase the distance from the object. If you are not required to work in that area, move to a quieter area.

Block: Block the noise by building temporary barriers.

You may think that long-term exposure is needed for damage to occur to an individual’s hearing, but it only takes 1 hour per day around loud noises like a jackhammer or stud welder for damage to occur. Some specific ways to limit exposure:

  • Use prefabricated noise barriers
  • Limit the hours worked in hazardous noise areas
  • Use hearing protection to supplement noise reduction

sound level ranges

Safety inspectors measure sound or noise levels using a device called a sound level meter. OSHA recommends that workplace noise levels be kept below 85 dBA as an 8-hour time-weighted average. As the noise level increases, it damages your hearing quickly.

At Lee Contracting, safety is our number one priority. We are continuously training our employees to recognize unsafe working conditions to minimize risk and the potential for injury. Our commitment to safety and health is designed to prevent employee accident/injury while promoting a positive environment. When our company meets all its safety goals, it translates to better service and reduced costs for all our customers.

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