Part 4-Transporting a Press

This is part 4 of a 5-part series.

Last week’s blog talked about the third step to a successful equipment relocation: Servicing. This week, we are focusing on the fourth step: Transporting



Transportation Planning the transportation of your press is a critical step. The weights and dimensions of the machinery and its components are essential when it comes to estimating transportation costs. The best way to find the weights of the components is from the original equipment manufacturer.


Most large machinery exceeds the weight capacity of a standard five-axle tractor/ trailer combination. Oftentimes, when transporting heavy equipment, higher-capacity transport equipment must be specified, routes must be established, and special permits must be obtained. Depending on the state, some permits may take four to six months to obtain.


When planning transportation, Transportationyou should also take into consideration the destination of the equipment. The destination will help to determine which transportation equipment is needed, which permits are required and the preparation and packaging requirements. Some states have different requirements for overweight and over dimensional loads, so it is imperative to find equipment that can meet the requirement of all states through which the loads must travel.


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Check back next week for the final part in this series on how to have a successful equipment move.


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