Milling Machine Foundations

Designing and pouring foundations for 8 large milling machines is a pretty straightforward project. Doing it on frozen ground while buildings are being constructed around it took Lee’s Power of One.


Visioneering, a leading aerospace designer, manufacturer and installer of assembly systems for the aerospace, defense and space industries, began building a new facility with a goal of consolidating their buildings and machinery under one roof. They contacted Lee Industrial Contracting to perform a design/build project, which included pouring foundations for eight large milling machines during the development of the new facility.

It was essential to begin planning with the Visioneering facilities team to ensure the layout resulted in a good process flow. Because these new foundations would be poured while the new facility was under construction, the Lee Contracting team had to plan around various timelines and other work being done at the site.


To meet the project timeline of the customer, Lee Contracting had between eight and 12 workers on the site at any one time during this year long project. As a testament of the Lee Contracting team’s experience, they were able to complete the machinery foundations in under 10 months, exceeding timeline expectations.

After the foundations were finished, Lee Contracting transported and installed the machinery in the new location. The foundations were completed with such precision that there were no problems installing the eight milling machines.

Due to Lee Contracting’s quality work, ability to offer multiple trades under one roof and the company’s skill of completing projects ahead of schedule, the team has returned to the Visioneering facility to complete a variety of other projects.





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