Milling Machine Foundations

Designing and pouring foundations for 8 large milling machines is a pretty straightforward project. Doing it on frozen ground while buildings are being constructed around it took Lee’s Power of One.


  • Foundations
  • Rigging
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Fabrication


Visioneering, an Aerospace supplier, began building a new facility in 2015 with a goal of consolidating their buildings and machinery under one roof. They contacted Lee Industrial Contracting early on to provide a design/build project to pour foundations for eight large milling machines during the development of the new facility. The first step in this year-long project was to begin planning with the Visioneering facilities team to obtain the machine layout inside the building to make for a good process flow. Additionally, since foundations were being poured while the new facility was being built, the field teams at Lee had to work around various timelines and work being done within the construction site.

After the development of a working process flow, the project broke ground. The Lee team had the added challenge of starting a foundations project in the middle of winter where the frozen ground made it nearly impossible for an excavator to dig into the terrain. Lee was quick to come up with a solution as heaters were then brought in to warm the space. This put added pressure onto the foundations team as this project was already presented with a compressed timeline. Due to the extent of this large project, Lee had between eight and 12 workers on the site at any one time. The experience of the Lee team allowed them to complete the foundations for the milling machines in under 10 months, which exceeded timeline expectations.

After the foundations were finished, the teams assisted with the transportation and installation of the machinery to their newly poured foundations. That’s the advantage of having a one source industrial contracting solution. The installation of the milling machines revealed the team’s largest success; all of the foundations were completed with zero errors or mistakes, and with such precision, installation for all eight milling machines went smoothly.

Other notable accomplishments include:

  • 2,320 total cubic yards of concrete was poured
  • 750 cubic yards of concrete was poured in one single day
  • One of the foundations was fit to support the largest milling machine in North America

Due to a great working relationship, Lee’s quality work, Lee’s ability to offer multiple trades under one roof and the skill of completing projects ahead of schedule, our team has returned to the Visioneering facility to complete a variety of other projects including, machine installations, foundations, electrical upgrades, rigging, transportation, machine repair and more.





Auburn Hills, MI


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