Heavy Industry

Steel Slitting Line

When a heavy industry client in Indiana needed a Steel Slitter Line installed, Lee Industrial Contracting was called to put their “turn-key solutions” tagline to good use.


When a heavy industry client in Indiana needed a steel slitting line installed, they called on Lee Industrial Contracting’s Power of One. Lee Contracting needed to construct new foundations for the machinery, while the building remained partially open.

Since the project was taking place in the middle of winter, the Lee Contracting team had to take extra measures to ensure the project was done safely and without delays.


To minimize disruption to the customer, Lee Contracting installed installed temporary walls with panel doors to keep in the heat and to allow access for construction equipment and concrete trucks. This allowed Lee Contracting’s team to easily excavate, install underfloor conduits and set reinforcement steel.

Next, Lee Contracting’s in-house fabrication department constructed and installed embedded structural steel beams, entry and exit turnstile anchor bolt frames, coil car rails with support channels, utility trenches with cover plates, as well as stairs and handrails.

Once the foundations were finished and the concrete cured, Lee Contracting’s rigging crew offloaded, set in place, aligned, leveled and anchored the new equipment onto the new foundations.

Following the installation of the equipment, the Lee Contracting electrical team installed new wiring, from the equipment to the main control cabinet.



Heavy Industry


Crawfordsville, IN


Electrical, Fabrication, Foundations, Mechanical, Rigging.


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