Industrial Electrical Contractors

Industrial electricians are trained personnel who test, troubleshoot, install and repair electrical components and systems in an industrial plant or worksite. Electricians also need to read and interpret blueprints and must remain current on electrical code specifications.

Lee Contracting has a full staff of industrial electricians who install and troubleshoot electrical systems for our customers. Our electrical staff is complete with master electricians who can provide services ranging from routine plant maintenance all the way up to major electrical renovations. Our industry-leading modern equipment keeps our employees on the job instead of in the repair shop. Our key advantage is keeping a large electrical supply in-house for a quicker job turnaround and emergency service response.

Our highly-skilled staff of electricians are trained in:

  • Installation of standby generators: backup lighting panels, UPS systems and whole service backup power
  • Emergency generator services: 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Design and installation of primary power
  • 24/7, 365 days a year emergency repair to minimize your downtime
  • Control wiring specialist: from wiring upgrades to complete machine rewire
  • Complete industrial installation: electrical design, motor controls and transformers
  • Power quality monitoring: monitoring equipment to help determine and repair power quality issues
  • Infrared imaging: determine predictive maintenance
  • Complete commercial and industrial lighting installation

What sets Lee Contracting above other contractors?

Our electrical processes set us apart from other contractors but in combination with our turn-key solutions, Lee Contracting is Michigan’s leading contractor. Hiring a turn-key contractor is guaranteed to save you time and money. Our dedicated teams work across our 13 in-house capabilities to accelerate your schedule. From rigging your heavy equipment to completing utility hookups, our solutions provide cohesiveness in your schedule.

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Lock Out Tag Out

Lockout/tagout refers to the procedures which keep employees safe from energized machinery and equipment.

Why are lockout/tagout procedures so important? Lockout devices hold energy-isolation devices in a safe or off position. They provide protection by preventing machines or equipment from becoming energized because they are positive restraints that cannot be removed without a key. Tagout devices are prominent warning devices that an authorized individual fastens to energy isolating devices to warn employees not to reenergize the machine.

If these procedures are not followed, employees can be seriously injured. At Lee we follow all OSHA standards to ensure the safety of our employees. How do we make sure our employees are safe? We follow our safety manual and hold mandatory training seminars upon employment. Some of our requirements are:

  • Each authorized employee has the proper number of locks and devices to be able to perform proper lockout/tagout for the machines and equipment that they may be working on.
  • All lockout or tag out devices must be affixed to each energy isolating device and indicate the name of the employee applying the device.
  • Lockout devices must be affixed in a manner to hold the energy isolating device in a safe or off position.
  • Tag out devices used with energy isolating devices with the capability of being locked out shall be fastened at the same point at which the lock would have been attached. If a tag cannot be directly attached to the energy isolation device it shall be located as close as safely as possible to the device in a position that will be immediately obvious to anyone attempting to operate the device.
  • Each energy source must be locked out completely isolating the equipment.

injury prevention tags These are only some of the items we follow to prevent injury. In keeping with our pledge to safety and health, we employ a safety manager with extensive experience in the development and maintenance of world-class programs. Our safety manager works closely with administrative and field personnel to ensure the company meets or exceeds safety regulations. With our mix of highly experienced safety representatives and our safety policies, we provide first-class services and first-class safety to our customers.

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