You Spoke, We Listened: The Power of Customer Feedback

At Lee Contracting, we are always eager to hear what our customers have to say. We want to understand the experience you have with us and build on that to evolve and improve our industrial contracting services.

In 2023, we launched a customer survey and are excited to share an overview of the feedback we’ve received so far. Customer feedback is an essential component of our long-term growth plan, pointing us down the right path to discover ways to serve you even better in the future.

Here’s What You Had to Say

Our 2023 customer survey revealed some valuable feedback from you. We learned that overall we got a number of things right, but we also identified a few areas for improvement. Let’s have a look at what you said:

The Good Stuff:

We were thrilled to hear the many positive comments you shared about working with us. You pointed out several qualities that we strive to achieve every day, so it warms our hearts to know we’re right on target with them. Here are some of the areas where the Lee team excels in your eyes:

• Quick response times
• Meeting project goals on time
• Professionalism

Areas for Improvement:

While most of your comments were positive (thank you!), the area you thought we could use a bit of improvement on is internal and external communication. Rest assured, we’re on it and have identified ways to enhance communication with our customers. We are actively reviewing our processes so we can refine this essential aspect of our service.

In Your Words

Here are a few customer comments we collected from the survey results:

“We enjoy doing business with your team. Always good work. We look forward to doing business in the future.”

“We are totally pleased and have no complaints. I can’t even think of something that could be improved on in this project!”

“Lee Contracting has successfully partnered with us on many large and small projects.
We’ve always had a great working relationship.”

We greatly appreciate the feedback. We value the relationships we have with our customers and will continue to strive to create lasting partnerships.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Why is customer feedback so critical for us? The answer is simple: continuous improvement. Customer feedback guides us to help us improve communication, safety, and efficiency. It plays a vital role in our journey toward serving you better and making us your number one choice in industrial contracting partners.

Here’s how we use your feedback to deliver more value to you:

• Identify areas for betterment: Your input helps us understand how we can improve so we can focus more on those aspects of our industrial contracting services.
• Hone our processes: We don’t just listen to your feedback, we use it to make updates to our procedures to ensure that every project goes smoothly and efficiently.
• Develop training programs: We take your comments and apply them to train our teams accordingly, so they have all the tools and know-how to meet your needs.
• Fuel innovation: Your insights give us direction on investing our resources into tools that support our capabilities and contribute to your success.

A Call to Collaborate: Participate in Future Surveys

We encourage all our customers to complete upcoming surveys coming your way. Fun fact: over the last nine months, our survey response rates doubled over the last three quarters, hitting more than 28% in October 2023. We’re over the moon to be hearing more from you – keep it coming!

Your participation is not just a contribution, it’s a collaboration. By filling out the surveys, you play an important role in shaping the future of Lee Contracting. Your feedback goes directly to our senior leadership team. Hearing specific examples firsthand from our clients helps us align, find opportunities for improvement, and elevate our processes and systems.

All of us at Lee Contracting want to thank you for your business and for sharing your valuable feedback with us. Together, we can work toward delivering consistently positive experiences and fostering beneficial partnerships. We look forward to reading each piece of feedback and each opportunity to serve you better.