Turn-Key Solutions for Plant Projects

Turn-Key Solutions for Plant Projects

Turn-Key is the ability to perform all aspects of a job - from planning to "turning the key."  At Lee Industrial Contracting, we can handle every part of plant projects using in-house manpower and equipment.

We help manufacturers of all kinds who are frustrated with having to coordinate multiple contractors to finish their industrial projects.  Our one-source approach allows us to eliminate those headaches!

Rigging & Machine Installation


Electrical & Power generation


Machinery Foundations


Mechanical & Piping


Benefits to our Turn-Key Solutions include:

Controlled Project Costs

When you hire a company like Lee that does it all, we can’t point the finger at the other contractor, we are the other contractor!  This means that Lee is able to take control of every aspect of your job, including the cost.  We are able to coordinate labor, equipment and materials to keep projects within budget.

Fast Starts

With all resources in-house, and no subcontractors to hire, we can often get started on your project as soon as required.  Because we have control over our manpower and equipment, we have the ability to start projects fast – without the need to line up subcontractors.

Accelerated Timelines

We plan all of our functions to work around and complement each other on the job.  We have the manpower, training, equipment and management needed to meet timelines that others will not even try.  By fully managing your move using in-house talent, we can tailor your move to your timeline.  Often we finish early enough to perform requested upgrades and maintenance on the moved equipment so that you startup better than ever!

Minimal Impact on Customer Operations

We understand that downtime means money lost.  We can work around lines that are still running, during shutdowns, or on a schedule that meets your needs.  By doing all of the work through one company, we can guarantee minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.


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