What Is Equipment Rigging?

When you need safe relocation, removal or replacement of your industrial equipment, you need specialized rigging services. As a premier rigging company, Lee Industrial Contracting is your source for safe transportation, experienced installation and overall efficient operations designed to reduce downtime. Learn more about equipment rigging and how you can benefit from partnering with an industry-leading rigging team.

Equipment Rigging Basics

Generally, equipment rigging involves preparing heavy-duty equipment for transportation or installation. Basic rigging services include the straps, cables and heavy equipment necessary to prepare machinery for transport. While not technically transportation, riggers often work closely with transportation teams to ensure that your equipment is safe and ready to move. Heavy-duty machinery isn’t easily wheeled out of your plant and onto a truck, so you need the right cranes and engineering to ensure there’s no damage to your equipment, shop floor or the transporting vehicle.

At Lee Industrial Contracting, this is just the start of what our rigging team does. Not only are we qualified to prepare your equipment for transport, but we also have the trucks, cranes and Goldhofer transport module necessary to offer turn-key relocation services for even the largest machinery.

After relocation, our team is capable of installing and maintaining your equipment. Our turn-key services save you time and money as you work with a single, talented crew for your entire rigging and relocation project. Safety and turn-key services are key parts of our rigging services, which help you save money and reduce the stress and lost productivity that come with most equipment relocation projects.

Comprehensive Safety

Safety in rigging comes in two categories: Employee safety and equipment safety. Work with a team that not only works to ensure no one is harmed on the job site, but that your specialized equipment isn’t harmed in the moving process.

Whether you’re moving your stamping press across the shop floor or relocating your entire manufacturing plant across the country, a safe environment is achieved on all our job sites with these features:

  • Detailed safety standards
  • Thorough employee training
  • Safety managers

Technical Expertise

Beyond creating a safe job site, our rigging services provide the cutting-edge equipment and technical experience necessary for a complete relocation and installation project. If your equipment requires additional fabrication, electrical, mechanical or foundation work to be successfully installed in your new location, our team can provide it all.

From foundation to finish material, we have experienced contractors and technicians ready to restore your damaged equipment, relocate your essential presses or replace your obsolete assembly lines. We work as a single-source contractor to provide nationwide services that meet your quality standards. Starting with the strategic approach and project analysis, we work through the entire process and ensure you’re completely satisfied before the job’s complete.

Equipment Rigging services

Our Rigging Experience

We work in a variety of industries to provide turn-key rigging services. Discover how you can take advantage of our services today. Here are some common rigging services we’ve provided to our satisfied customers:

  • Robotic cells
  • Weld cells
  • Stamping press relocation
  • Equipment rebuild
  • HVAC system installation
  • Overhead crane installation
  • Machining equipment rigging

From aerospace manufacturing to environmental and energy facilities, we work in any relevant industry that requires equipment rigging. Our commitment to holistic services allows us to offer you accelerated scheduling. If you need your equipment moved on the weekend, evenings or anytime around the clock, any year of the day, our team can accommodate your schedule.

Enjoy Turn-Key Equipment Rigging on Your Schedule

Take charge of your equipment rigging project today by requesting a quote from a leading equipment rigger. Lee Industrial Contractor is your premier equipment maintenance, repair and rigging expert. Accelerate your relocation project and discover how you can outpace the competition with our services.