Heavy Machinery Movers

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Heavy Machinery Movers

If you’ve ever driven by an industrial job site, the scene can be awe-inspiring. Massive pieces of equipment produce enough force to change the face of the planet by excavating, hoisting and placing building components. While the machines used by contractors are impressive, how do they get there? Here are four services heavy machinery movers provide to make life easier for your company.

Millwright Services

Before you move equipment from one place to another, you need to break it down so it can be loaded onto a truck. Many of these pieces of machinery have dozens of parts that must be disassembled and reassembled at the job site. While operators are proficient at using these machines, they aren’t usually responsible for set-up and break-down tasks. An equipment moving company employs expert millwrights who are responsible for making sure each piece is professionally assembled to avoid any potentially unsafe situations.

Industrial Rigging

With the machinery prepared for transport, the next job is to hoist it onto the truck, which is no easy task. While machines such as dump trucks and front-end loaders can be driven up ramps, it’s not as easy with devices that don’t have wheels. Some of these pieces of equipment weigh several tons, which creates a dangerous situation when being lifted overhead. If your mover offers industrial rigging services, there will be a team of people whose sole job is to make sure each piece is professionally harnessed for both loading and unloading.

Heavy Hauling 

Once riggers have a piece of equipment ready to go, the next step is to transport it to the intended job site, which is where a machinery moving company shines. Each machine is loaded onto an appropriately sized truck and driven to the work area. If the overall trailer is larger than a standard 18-wheeler, it’s treated as an oversized load and given an escort by leading and following trucks. It takes a skilled driver to navigate these giant vehicles through congested highways and city streets, which is why you need a specialist to handle the moving.

Crane Services

A big job isn’t always a long project, which is why a company might not need to permanently have a crane at the worksite. Since equipment movers already have cranes to load machinery onto trucks, many of them will also provide on-demand lifting services, which could lead to significant savings. If you’re installing a large piece of machinery inside your facility, you may be able to hire a team of experienced crane operators, millwrights and riggers to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Machinery Rigging

Machinery movers are much more than standard transportation companies. It requires years of experience to perform this kind of delicate work, but the operators also have a full array of specialized equipment:

  • Forklifts
  • Pallet jacks
  • Air skates
  • Gantry systems
  • Tri-lifters
  • Cranes

This is just a small sample of the machinery used to safely move your equipment, but there are plenty of additional resources at work on each project.

Industrial Rigging the Professional Way

Now you know more about how machinery moving services work, the only thing left to do is hire an experienced company to handle logistics for your next industrial project. Not only do improperly-transported machines cause dangerous situations, but they could also lead to expensive delays.

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