Become a Pipefitter

When you decide to learn a skilled trade, there are several trades you can learn. Pipefitters work in many different industries from commercial and residential to manufacturing plants and oil refineries.

Here are six reasons why you should consider a pipefitting career.

  • The pipefitter field is growing. Through 2022, pipefitting and plumbing fields are expected to grow 21 percent. This is faster than the average growth rate of other fields. Currently, there are not enough pipefitters to sustain the industry growth, which is good news for those considering becoming a pipefitter.
  • The career is steady. With a faster than average projected industry growth rate, there is plenty of work for a pipefitter. They can work in any field from residential to commercial to industrial.
  • You could start earning money quickly. Instead of attending a 4-year college, you can attend a technical training program. These programs will help you gain field experience and enter the field quickly. To become a pipefitter, most people start out with no experience as an apprentice. After 5 years of training, you can be a highly skilled valuable professional.
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  • The position pays well. As a pipefitter apprentice, you can start earning money while you are training to be a pipefitter. The average pipefitting apprentice makes $55,367.While the average salary for a Senior Pipefitter is $75,461. The return on investment is pretty high considering the cost of a typical 4-year college degree.
  • You can increase your salary with overtime work. While you will enjoy a steady 40-hour work week, you will also be able to work in the evenings and on weekends for overtime. With a high demand for pipefitters, especially in the oil and gas industries, there will be ample opportunities for overtime work.
  • You could receive excellent benefits. Most pipefitting jobs provide excellent benefits including paid time off and health insurance. The access to these benefits can enhance your quality of life.

As the industry grows so does the demand for pipefitters. Pipefitting is an excellent career choice for anyone who is interested in a steady career that is both personally and financially rewarding.

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Industrial Process Piping Service

Any large-scale industrial plant or facility likely relies on piping to perform crucial tasks and functions. Accordingly, securing reliable industrial process piping service is key, whether you need a new installation performed or require maintenance or repair of an existing system. With experience that spans the last two decades, Lee Industrial Contracting of Pontiac, MI stands out as a leader in pipefitting, which is why so many clients look to this company when in need of a helping hand.

This pipefitting service offers a wide range of knowledge and capabilities, which has allowed them to tackle many diverse projects for their clients. Their prowess also enables them to guide companies who are in search of the very best when it comes to piping installation and repair, as it’s vital that all work is performed competently and on schedule. The following are a few key traits to look for if your facility is in need of piping assistance.


Knowledge of Different Pipefitting Materials

The types of pipefitting materials your plant needs typically depends on the kind of work performed. For example, highly corrosive environments require stainless steel piping, since this material is able to withstand corrosive elements. Conversely, plastic piping systems often have applications in chemical processing and water treatment. Of course, these are just two examples of the materials that are commonly used for industrial pipefitting. There are also carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper just to name of few, and it’s best to find a company with knowledge of many different materials to ensure your needs are capably met.


Fully Stocked Inventory

In the same token, a company’s piping inventory also has a lot to say about their capabilities. This is especially true when it comes to emergency repair or installation. The last thing you want to hear when operations are halted is that you’ll need to wait for days or even weeks before your piping or tubing material is available. Reliable pipefitters understand that easy access to the desired material is crucial to ensure your facility is able to produce without interruption. That’s why they make it a point to keep a fully stocked inventory containing many diverse pipefitting materials. Not only does this make emergency response much faster, but it also greatly reduces turnaround time for other projects.


Experience With Process Piping Installations

There’s seemingly no end to process piping installations, and some plants will require a combination of processes to operate efficiently. For instance, some pipes are equipped to handle gases while others will deal with the transport of compressed air. There are also hydraulic, fuel, steam and condensate, water for cooling, refrigeration, material handling, and even vacuum pipes. Variety of joint methods is also important. The pipefitting company your hire should come equipped with knowledge of welded, soldered, grooved, flared, threaded, and compression joints.


Pipefitting Certifications

Qualifications are another important concern. While any industrial pipefitters can claim to possess extensive knowledge and ability when it comes to projects, how can you be assured that they have the acumen to back up these claims? Certifications are vital in this respect, as they illustrate that a company hires workers with the knowledge necessary to best meet a facility’s needs. Look for ASME B31.3 bonder qualifications, which addresses PVC and CPVC piping. You also want to ensure any welders on the project are equipped to work with carbon and stainless steel pipe, which is expressed via ANSI/ASME B31 qualifications. Some companies even take steps to receive certification on behalf of specific manufacturers.

Lee Industrial Contracting brings all of the above traits to every project, no matter the size or scope of the task. They’re also capable of designing your new pipe installations and even offer 24/7 availability in the event your facility requires emergency service. If you’d like to get started on a quote for an upcoming project, feel free to visit the website. You can also call (888) 833-8776 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative about your specific needs.