Industrial Machinery Movers

industrial machinery movers

Relocation is a natural aspect of a growing and successful business. However, when it comes to heavy equipment relocation, the challenges often seem insurmountable. From a logistical perspective, the rigging process can be quite complex. When tasked with moving massive pieces of machinery, many of which entail complex electrical connections and complicated assembly, the process becomes even more difficult. Securing safe and efficient heavy machinery moving with a qualified and experienced machine rigger is vital in this case, and in Pontiac, MI, Lee Industrial Contracting stands out as a leader in providing turnkey solutions for heavy equipment moving.

These accomplished machine riggers offer an impressive resume of past projects and endeavors. They’re skilled at infrastructure upgrades, loading and unloading, transportation, and many other services essential to a competent relocation of your facility. They also use their expansive knowledge to help you find reliable industrial moving service that possesses the following qualities.


Varied Skillset

There are a lot of components to a heavy equipment move. Of course, you want to rest assured that a company has knowledge of transporting large pieces of equipment, but the movers you choose should also bring a lot more to the table. For example, certain types of equipment will need to be dissembled and reassembled upon arrival at the new location. This requires a degree of mechanical knowledge and skill that not all moving companies possess. Electrical knowledge is also important, particularly when it comes to reconnecting equipment. A facility faces costly downtime if their turnkey solutions company hits a snag due to lack of knowledge.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

In the same token, a moving company must also be equipped with reliable equipment. Because you’re bound to encounter a wide assortment items that need to be moved, having a variety of lifts with varying capacities is essential. The same can be said of transportation. Fleets should be able to perform a wide range of purposes, including pickups, semi-trucks, trailers, utility vehicles, and service trucks. Other vital equipment includes gantry cranes, generators, cleaning systems, and mobile offices to establish a base of operation.


Adherence to Deadlines

No two heavy equipment moves are the same. Accordingly, a heavy equipment moving company must be able to anticipate potential problems and devise workable solutions in real time. This is a crucial aspect when it comes to timeliness and adherence to deadlines. Failing to get a facility up and running when scheduled or delaying the delivery of an important piece of equipment due to unforeseen issues, will throw operations into a tailspin. This can impact a company’s bottom line, but it can also deal a blow to its reputation, cause customers to lose confidence, and generally create a lot of unneeded stress.


Emphasis on Safety

Among many of the other considerations, you want to rest assured that the industrial rigging process is undertaken with an insistence on safety. Having a skilled safety team in place is key in this regard, and it’s also important that safety professionals work in close conjunction with field personnel. Safety programs should be ever-evolving and tenets should be communicated not only to staff but also customers. This keeps industrial moves safe, which benefits all. When a mover takes the proper steps to reduce employee injury, they can also keep their costs low.


Safe, Reliable, Efficient Heavy Equipment Moving 

Lee Industrial Contracting demonstrates all of the above traits when undertaking massive industrial moves. That’s why they’ve earned the respect of peers and customers alike, which is evident when looking at their impressive listing of past projects. Additional services include industrial controls capabilities, office expansions, robotics, press automation, roof-raising, and 24/7 emergency assistance in the event of a power outage. If you’d like to get started on a quote for an upcoming relocation, be sure to fill out our online form. You can also call (888) 833-8776 to speak with a representative today.