Meet our New Marketing Intern

Welcome, Alexa! 


We are thrilled today to welcome our new marketing intern, Alexa Robak. She is currently a senior at Oakland University (Go Grizzlies!).
She is studying marketing and hopes to graduate in April. Alexa first became interested in marketing while she was taking an intro to marketing class. She found all of the different factors that went into selling a product or service to a potential customer fascinating.  The fact that you should attract people to your brand with smell or sound really appealed to her senses.


At Lee, Alexa’s responsibilities will include supporting the marketing team through market research, content writing and digital marketing. She is hoping with the skills she learns in her internship that she can transition into a career in sports marketing after college. She is a huge believer in Detroit and the comeback it is making. She hopes that with all the opportunities down there, she can find a job downtown.


Game_of_Thrones_logo_logotype_wordmarkIn her free time she likes to read, paint, hang out with her roommates and binge-watch TV shows. She is currently bingeing Game of Thrones.
She is only on season 2, so please don’t spoil it for her.


Three fun facts Alexa wants you to know about her:

1. She has always wanted to be a wedding planner.lion

2. She dreams of traveling to Bora Bora.

3. She wants to have a pet lion, named Nala one day.


Welcome aboard Alexa, we are happy to have you.



Providing internship opportunities is just one of the ways we are helping give back. Our internships look to prepare young workers for entering the workforce after college. We believe interns bring with them a fresh set of eyes and new ideas to help us move forward. They help us to resist the urge of doing the same thing “because this is how we’ve always done it”.