Types of Foundations for Steel Buildings

All buildings regardless of purpose need a solid foundation. Create the reliable foundation your steel building needs with the help of Lee Industrial Contracting. Our foundations use the latest equipment and industry best practices to ensure a turn-key solution for your new facility. Discover how we can get your steel building construction project started quickly to expand your business or relocate your manufacturing process. Here are some of the most common foundation types we work with.

Perimeter Footing

This durable and affordable type of foundation uses a poured concrete exterior wall to support the entire structure. Also known as a perimeter wall, this construction project is one of the most basic foundations for steel buildings. Use it to support the entire weight of your building or use it in conjunction with concrete slabs or piers for versatile support.

Floating Foundations

One of the most popular foundations for steel buildings is the floating slab. Also known as a slab foundation, this type uses a continuous grade beam slab to support a structure. It can be poured under a column or used to reinforce the vertical weight of columns.

This type of foundation is suited to wet areas where soft soil would otherwise be an issue. It requires less digging and typically doesn’t require footings or piers to support the weight of your steel structure. Additional preparation is required to run electrical and plumbing lines before the foundation is poured.

Pier, Footing and Grade Beam Foundations

Pier and beam foundations are ideal for situations where soil movement may be an issue. Pavilions, riding arenas and agricultural buildings often use pier, footing and grade beam foundations as a solid base with versatility. These foundations for steel buildings start with rectangular or square footings with piers resting on them. A grade beam wall provides support for the structure. Some piers are drilled instead of being secured with footings.

Unlike a slab foundation, this option leaves the floor open for a dirt or gravel option without compromising the durability of the structure. It can be more expensive than other options, so it’s generally reserved for buildings that use a dirt or gravel floor.

Portable Foundations

If you need to transport your structure, our team at Lee Industrial Contracting can assist you with the foundation, construction and transportation of your building. A portable foundation uses industrial plates anchor bolted to a concrete perimeter. Once you’re ready to transport your structure, simply unbolt it and prepare it for rigging and transportation.

Steel Building Foundation Considerations

There are a number of factors you need to consider when comparing foundations for steel buildings. Thankfully, our engineers are experienced with a wide range of foundation projects. Here are some factors our team can address with you to find the ideal foundation for your structure:

  • Land
  • Load
  • Weather

What does your building site look like? Soil qualities, climate and grading can all affect the type of foundation you need. Work with an engineer at your build site before settling on a specific type of foundation.

Many steel structures are taller than timber frame structures, so it’s important to have a secure foundation. Discuss your building height, weight and other characteristics with an experienced engineer. Unusual shapes, heavy-duty equipment and other features impact the foundation selection, so be sure to communicate your business goals and the intended use of your steel structure while comparing foundation types.

Finally, wind, rain and frost are serious factors in steel building construction. Extreme wind uplift, the freeze/thaw cycle and heavy rain can all impact the foundation design and construction. Work with a leader in commercial foundation construction to prevent weather-related damage.

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