Providing Turn-key Solutions for Plant Projects

Update your facility and grow your business with single-source contracting by Lee Industrial Contracting. As a global leader in turn-key solutions for projects, our team of technicians and state-of-the-art equipment is capable of delivering your plant relocation, restructuring or updating projects on an accelerated timeline. Explore our turn-key solutions today to see how we offer personalized planning and industry-leading services for your specific project needs.

Advantages of Single-Source Contracting

Communicating with a single team about a turn-key solution for your project leads to a range of benefits. When you work with a single-source contractor, you’ll enjoy controlled costs, accelerated timelines, minimal operational impact and straightforward project management.

Controlled costs means that since we self-perform all of the trades with our in-house employees, we can control the entire timeline of the project. This allows us to work on accelerated schedules and you don’t have to coordinate different stages of the project with multiple contractors.

Emergencies don’t just happen on the 1st shift. Our teams are available 24/7. So whether your needs are at 9 am, 8 pm or 3 am, our crews will be there for you.

Updating, relocating and repairing your manufacturing equipment often requires downtime. While this isn’t always possible to avoid, we work with your schedule and your operational deadlines to keep downtime at a minimum.

Convenient project management means you have a single point-of-contact for the entire project. A single, full-time project manager handles any requests, questions or concerns you may have. Your project manager will update you on the status of the project, so there won’t be any surprises as you prepare to utilize your new, updated or relocated equipment.

Project Capabilities

When you need a turn-key solution for projects around your industrial facility, you need a wide range of capabilities. Our primary capabilities include:

  • Foundations
  • Rigging
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Fabrication
  • Machine Repair

Our team is ready to discuss your unique project, whether is is installing -60-foot pits or moving equipment up to one million pounds, our equipment and skilled tradespeople have a diverse range of capabilities.

As your single-source contractor, we combine these capabilities to craft a turn-key solution for projects in your plant. Common projects include machinery moving, relocating a plant or restructuring a facility. Moving machinery allows you to replace an outdated system or service your equipment. We break your equipment down as little as possible to safely transport it with our dedicated rigging and transportation equipment.

Plant relocation services give you the freedom to move your entire production line anywhere in the Continental United States. Restructuring includes renovations, foundation improvements and machinery relocation to maximize the productivity and safety of your plant.

Our Contracting Process

We have a seven-step contracting process we use to deliver a turn-key solution for projects. Walkthrough each step with your own project manager to enjoy a completed project that exceeds your expectations:

  1. Strategic approach
  2. Project analysis
  3. Turn key opportunity
  4. Plan of action
  5. Submit proposal
  6. Project kickoff
  7. Customer satisfaction

It all starts with our strategic approach to your specific project. Our approach and the personalized analysis of your unique project come together as we craft a plan of action and proposal for your company.

Once approved, we kick off the project with the full support of our professional equipment and licensed contractors. We continue until you’re completely satisfied with your turn-key industrial solution.

Start Your Project Today

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