Safety-Conscious Heavy Industrial Contracting

When you have a 300-ton-capacity crane on your jobsite, it’s important to know your industrial contractor cares about safety as much as you do. Jobsite safety is a leading business value at Lee Industrial Contracting, and our turn-key solutions for safe industrial work have served our customers well for more than 30 years.

Safety Vision

Whether you need heavy industrial equipment transport, a warehouse concrete pour, or a whole power-plant renovation, our customer-focused account managers work closely with you to ensure your safety parameters become our safety parameters. Our trained staff can evaluate your own site standards and integrate them into our preventive model. Here’s how our safety vision can make a difference to you and your company’s bottom line:

  • Lee Industrial Contracting values the success of your business like we value our own. Our commitment to jobsite safety is intended to prevent employee accidents and injuries while providing you with the best equipment and services in the industry.
  • Your safety record is an important measure of your organization’s work quality and professionalism. As an industry expert in workplace safety, Lee can help you maintain a favorable safety-incident rating.
  • Lower operating costs are a welcome consequence of our effective safety practices. We are happy to pass those savings on to you.

We have earned an industry-wide reputation for safe, quality products and services. In 2019, General Motors leadership named Lee Industrial Contracting a GM supplier of the year for the second year in a row.

Jobsite Safety

Our high standards for safety protect our personnel and yours on the job. Safe practices depend on proper planning, quality control, and efficient organization. Our commitment to a safe working environment is noticeable right away. Lee project managers choose only the highest quality equipment and maintain a clean, efficient job site at all times. We are proud to employ our own preventive maintenance program for our in-house heavy-equipment fleet. Lee personnel are trained to do everything possible to prevent safety incidents while still maintaining scheduling deadlines.

Leadership Goals

Lee Contracting leadership prioritizes safety at every turn, both during transport and at your jobsite. Our managers evaluate each project to ensure we meet our standards for jobsite safety. With accident prevention being the goal, our managers work with you and your team to pre-identify potential safety risks specific for your project, equipment and job location.

Staying abreast of current industrial safety violations and trends helps us define our safety platform. Our managers monitor the top safety violations identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA’s list informs our safety team of future training topics and provides important information about problems that may arise with new equipment or processes. You can trust Lee’s leadership and professionals to stay ahead of potential concerns and be prepared to troubleshoot any unexpected challenges with jobsite safety.

Empowered Workforce

Safety culture starts early at Lee Industrial Contracting. We believe in empowering our personnel and trusting them to make good safety decisions. Our new hires begin their employment learning strong safety values. We train them to recognize unsafe job site conditions and the potential for injury. All Lee personnel who are involved with your project will have been briefed on potential site-specific hazards for your job. Our commitment to safety means fewer delays, better service, and reduced costs for you.

Heavy industrial work can be dangerous because of the large scale of the work and the weight and size of the equipment. Lee Industrial Contractors take Jobsite safety seriously. It is woven into our corporate culture, our workforce, and our every business practice. We know both your organization and ours are healthier and happier when safety is prioritized at every level.

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